Is it hard to learn to ride an electric skateboard for beginners?  POSSWAY
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Is it hard to learn to ride an electric skateboard for beginners? 

by Sarah Wu on Oct 14, 2021

Is it your first time on an electric skateboard?

If it is and you are a little tentative about jumping on for your first ride, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t as hard as it can sometimes look.
If you’ve ever ridden a longboard, cruiser, or any other style of a skateboard, you’ll do just fine as long as you understand the basics.

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How hard is it to ride an electric skateboard?

Riding an electric skateboard shouldn’t be difficult even if you have no prior skateboarding experience, someone on Youtube mentioned that he took about a week to learn how to ride his e skateboard, he kept riding his skateboard for 30 minutes each day for 7 days. 
This is not an absolute answer, of course, the situation varies from one person to another depending on many factors. 

Electric skateboards riding tips for beginners

Follow these tips for a better riding experience. 
· Ask someone to help you at the beginning until you can ride it on your own without falling. 
· Don’t speed up right away, ride at low speed first until you feel confident and more skillful. 
· Avoid unpaved roads so you don’t fall and hurt yourself. (Try paved sidewalks first)
· Put on the required protective gear like helmets and pads for your safety. 

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Advantages and disadvantages of having an electric skateboard

OK, everything seems fine so far but as you can tell life isn’t full of pink roses and rainbows, let’s discuss the pros and cons of having an electric skateboard
· Environment-friendly personal transportation device. 
· No need to use your legs to push yourself forward. 
· You can use it for commuting to work. 
· You can go uphill easily without pushing yourself. 
· You can go fast up to 30 MPH.
· Expensive. 
· Heavier than a normal skateboard 

For starters, if you're going to buy your first electric skateboard, That feeling of being completely confused about the different types of motors, board length, wheels, batteries, ESCs, and other specs. You may want to buy an entry-level electric skateboard at a good price. Here are inexpensive electric skateboards.

POSSWAY V4 -The Best Electric Skateboard Under $400 

possway v4 electric skateboard
· Price:$279
· Wheels:83mmx51mm
· Truck: 6 Inches
· Top Speed:25mph / 15kmph
· Ride Mode:3-speed modes(L/M/H)
   Gear L:0-10km/h(0-6mph)
   Gear M:0-15km/h(0-9mph)
   Gear H:0-25km/h(0-15mph)
· Battery Type: 29.4V Lithium Battery,7S2P 18650,4000mAh
· Range: 10 miles / 16 km (60kg rider M mode speed on a flat road)
· Max Load:220lbs / 100kg
· Weight:12.6lbs / 5.7Kg
· Comfortable Carving and Turning Deck
· 5 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of fiberglass 
 possway v4 electric skateboard
The POSSWAY V4 is an electric skateboard that offers the most value for money. For under $350 you get a well-made electric skateboard with all the performance you could need. 
It has an 8-layer Canadian maple deck, has very strong wheels, deck, and trucks. The wheels are 83mm, which is an excellent size to help you roll over cracks and bumps you may find in the path with relative ease.
It has colorful decks available in three different colors to choose from. It has a flexy deck giving you a comfortable ride with reduced vibrations.
Overall, the Possway V4 is the best electric skateboard for someone looking to get a sturdy and comfortable skateboard that has a lot of power and doesn’t break the bank.

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