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Possway T1 electric skateboard
Possway T1 electric skateboard freeshipping - possway
Possway T1 electric skateboard
Possway T1 electric skateboard freeshipping - possway
Possway T1 electric skateboard freeshipping - possway
Possway T1 electric skateboard freeshipping - possway
Possway T1 electric skateboard freeshipping - possway
Possway T1 electric skateboard freeshipping - possway
Possway T1 electric skateboard freeshipping - possway
Possway T1 electric skateboard freeshipping - possway
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Possway T1 electric skateboard

$699.00 $499.00

Comfortable and powerful electric skateboard, excellent carving experience, Bamboo flexible deck. 
Excellent turning control 

  • Excellent deck flexibility with 5 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass
  • Range: 24 Miles / 38Km
  • Top Speed: 26mph / 42kmph
  • Max Load:330lbs / 150kg

possway electric skateboardbamboo deck

Bamboo Flex Deck

  • lower flex for more stability while the narrower waist has more flexibility for a smoother ride.
  • Alternating layers of multi-directional fiberglass, and bamboo combine to create a super-tough and elastic deck.
  • The head and tail of the board are slightly angled to improve riding and make it easier to carve.

E-skateboard flex deck

Perfect Riding Experience

  • 3mm Shock-absorbing foam grip tape
  • More vibration absorbing and improved comfort and strength.
  • 90mm wheels take advantage of the new parabolic cutouts to give you more stability at speed.
  • 85% ultra-high-rebound urethane provides the perfect balance between softness and durability.

possway T1
possway electric skateboard T1

Comfortable and Stimulating Acceleration

Give you access to lightning-fast acceleration and a top speed of 26 Mph/42Kph, which can deliver a thrill and joy on any city street and is equally at home on larger campuses.

Range:24 miles / 38Km (80kg rider H mode 25km/h speed flat road)

Ride Mode:4 speed modes (L/M/H/H+)

  • Gear L:0-12km/h (0-8mph)
  • Gear M:0-20km/h (0-12mph)
  • Gear H:0-42km/h (0-26mph)
  • Gear H+:0-42km/h (Faster acceleration)

Smart Battery

• SAMSUNG high-capacity 18650 cells with a high discharge rate ensure strong performance and reliability.

• Long-term storage will automatically trigger the low-power mode.

• Automatically turn on and off, when the skateboard rides or stops for a few seconds, the power switch will automatically turn on or off

2020 top 10 best electric skateboard

Easy to Maintain

• Virtually maintenance-free At IP54 water-resistant board.

• The modular design of the ESC, battery, and power system means each part can be easily swapped.

Board Dimension 965mmx230mmx140mm
Board Material 5-layer bamboo and 2-layer fiberglass
Top Speed 26mph / 42kmph
Climbing Grade 30% grade
Range 24 miles / 38Km (80kg rider H mode 25km/h speed flat road)
Weight 18.7lbs / 8.5Kg
Max load 330lbs / 150kg
Ride Mode 4-speed modes (L/M/H/H+)
· Gear L:0-12km/h (0-8mph)
· Gear M:0-20km/h (0-12mph)
· Gear H:0-42km/h (0-26mph)
· Gear H+:0-42km/h (Faster acceleration)
Wheels 90mmx52mm, 85 resilience,SHR82A
Max Power 1200W
Rated Power 480Wx2
Battery Capacity 324wh
Battery Type 10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery,36V 9Ah
Grip Tape 3mm Shock Absorbing
Trucks 45°,7inches
Waterproof Rating IP54(Prevent against daily dust and splash)
Charging Time 1 hour for 5 miles, 5Hrs for 24 miles

Package Contents:

● 1 x Possway skateboard

● 1 x Smart LCD wireless remote

● 1 x TYPE-C USB charging cable

● 1 x Certified Battery charger adapter (US or EU plug up to your location)

● 1 x T wrench and other tools for daily maintenance

● 1 x Skateboard eraser

● 1 x User manual

electric skateboard under 500

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The board acceleration is controlled by a handheld bluetooth remote. To turn you use your body weight as you would a normal longboard skateboard.

The boards tested water resistant, if there is some water such as a shallow puddle, gutter run-off, or some sprinkler over-spray in your line, the board should be ok. However it is not recommended to ride on rainy days.In addition, please note that damage to the electronics as a result of moisture exposure is not considered a manufacturer’s defect, and consequently, not covered under warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gary Breeding
It’s amazing

I got this like 3 weeks ago and it’s so much fun I ride it Thur town all the time 10/10 highly recommend

Michael Hodnett
5 Stars! It’s a cracker!!!

Ordered the T1 board on line and it arrived within a few days. Ready to ride straight from the box (it was even pre-charged)
The quality of the board is fantastic, and it’s a lot faster than I expected. Good amount of torque for climbing hills etc. great fun would definitely recommend this brand for product and service! 5stars!

Ryan D.
This board is great

I just picked this up as my first electric skateboard ever and I can say it was well worth the money. I got the T1 on sale for $500 and have put about 70 miles on it so far. I'll try to mention as much as possible that I wanted to know before buying the board.
First, this thing is very quick, the acceleration is insane and picks up a lot of speed very fast. Now, on the details it says the top speed is 26mph but according to the controller I have reached 37mph. (for context I'm 5'9, 155lbs) I'm not sure if this is a flaw or because I increased the wheel spin to 99 in the settings menu but I can say it sure feels fast. There are 4 different speed modes as well which is nice when first trying out the board to get comfortable. It also has 4 different brake modes B1-B4, B4 being the strongest brakes but personally I find the brakes are very strong so I are more comfortable riding at B1 or B2. Also, the range says 24 miles but I went about 27 until it was from fully charged to dead which took about 2 hours.

Now onto the board itself, it's very flexible and the foam-like grip tape helps a lot with absorbing small bumps and rough roads. The wheels are big which I wasn't expecting but I'm very pleased with because the bigger the wheels, the better the ride. I'd also like to mention that this thing handles water well. I made the mistake of going out and getting caught in the rain but it held up well. No damage was done even though I got it pretty wet.

Some cons; the buttons on the controller are hard to tell the difference between when you're not looking at it because they do not light up and it's difficult to feel the difference between the buttons. Also the switch between forward and reverse is a bit hard to move up and down easily. Last thing is your feet will hurt after riding for a while. I rode for almost 2 hours and had to take a few breaks because my feet did begin to hurt from the constant vibration of the roads, but I guess that's something that you have to expect with a skateboard that goes this fast.

Overall, I absolutely love this skateboard, they did a fantastic job making this. It performs better than I expected and there nothing more that I can really ask for. I hope this review helped because I know not many people are familiar with possway skateboards in the community but I can tell you as some random person who wanted an e-skateboard and found this from a simple google search, It's incredibly fun and worth the $500 I paid for it.

Dumitru Bordei
Just awesome!

High quality!
Awesome design!
Pretty Fast!
Great CS!
Br Mr.Bordei

Jeff Dean
amazing board

18 days with air shipping! The bamboo deck is very flexible. Wish it offered a fast charger. Anyway worth the money.

Tony Thompson

I purchased the T1 during the black Friday sale and received it today here in Australia. I think the board is very well made. Everything is great, controller already paired, easy to use, well packed. Thank you for making this nice board.

William Lee
I like this board, great experience!

I was attracted by the deck design, so I purchased it. After waiting about a month I finally got my T1 yesterday and tbh all I can say is that it was worth the wait the board looks beautiful and peforms well so far.


it was quite wet but I went out to shop with my T1, yeah I dried it after and no damage taken. But yeah it's very dangerous, please don't ride in the wet, I learned my lesson.


Really nice bored, its a very smooth and fast. The top speed it listed at 26mph, but can be way different with weight, I dont weigh that much so Ive gotten the bored to 27mph so far. Highly recommend this bored, specially for beginners like myself.

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