Top 5 Best Electric Skateboard Comes With Off-Road Wheels Under $600
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Top 5 Best Electric Skateboard Comes With Off-Road Wheels Under $600

by theresa Wen on Nov 04, 2022

Big wheels electric skateboard will not only help you to go on more adventures on the weekend, but it will also make you daily commute to work or school a lot more comfortable.

In the past, only all-terrain electric skateboards were equipped with large shock-absorbing wheels. For normal electric longboard, they were basically equipped with 90mm or 95mm PU wheels. But now, many boards have begun to install off-road wheels to provide customers with a better riding experience.

We rounded up 5 best electric skateboard comes with off-road wheels under $600. Let's have a look.


Table of Contents

1.Possway T3 ( price: $499)

2.Meepo Shuffle V4S ( price: $579)

3.Teamgee H20T ( price: $599)

4.Windseeker G5 ( price: $569)

5.WowGo 2S MAX ( 2 in 1 ) ( price: $569.99)


Possway T3 electric skateboard



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Price : $499

Wheels: 105*65mm

Top Speed: 45Kph / 28 Mph

Range: 32 Km / 20 Miles

Battery: 7800mAh, 280.8wh, 10S3P

Motor: 2*500W


Possway T3 is the perfect commuter electric skateboard because it is extremely comfortable to ride and tackles imperfect paths without any worries.

It has dual 500W hub motors which are expected to hit a top speed of 28mph (45kph). The battery in the T3 is a 10S3P 280.8Wh pack that is marketed to get a range of up to 20 miles (32km).

The Possway T3 electric skateboard comes with 105mm big wheels. They not only give it 56 mm of ground clearance (2 inches is a lot for a skateboard! ), but they also leave a lot of meat around the hub motors. This is crucial for ride quality because chunky hub motors frequently leave insufficient wheel sleeves for shock absorption.

Skateboards in this performance will surely cost more than $500~$600 from other brands. But now it only needs $499. Sometimes it's cheaper to go on sale. This skateboard is the best value for money on today's list.


Meepo Shuffle V4S (18 miles)



 meepo board


Price : $579

Wheels: 105*65mm

Top Speed: 46Kph / 29 Mph

Range: 29Km / 18 Miles

Battery: 288Wh

Motor: 2*540W


Meepo Shuffle S, also known as Meepo V4S, is a mid-range budget-friendly electric skateboard that gives you everything you need from an electric skateboard.

MEEPO Shuffle V4S is equipped with a powerful hub motor, which generates a top speed of 29 mph and a range of 18 miles to adapt accordingly to different situations like climbing hills, grass surfaces, or riding inside the city. Also, the upgraded 105mm donut wheels that are wear-resisting and with all-terrain feeling, and less vibration, providing comfortable ride and stable riding.

And it supports 1.5A fast charging, with which it only takes about 2.5 hours to charge from 0-100%, so that you can concentrate on having fun, rather than having battery anxiety.


Teamgee H20T electric skateboard






Price : $599

Wheels: 103*65mm

Top Speed: 42Kph / 26 Mph

Range: 35 Km / 22 Miles

Battery: 50.4V 311Wh 7.5 Ah

Motor: 2*600W

Hill Climbing: 30%


H20T is equipped with two 600-watt hub motors that allow it to top out at speeds up to 26 miles per hour. And it can cover a maximum distance of 22 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for brief commutes to school, work, or doing quick errands.

This board is equipped with rubber and airless 103mm wheels with a 64mm contact area to ensure a smooth ride. The wheel construction and materials let you cruise steadily on any terrain without causing too much vibration.

It was also broadened by 24 holes to increase shock absorption. Unlike polyurethane wheels, the Teamgee H20T is made of rubber tires, which is why it can ride on smooth, patchy, rough, muddy, and rocky roads. The total wheel makeover also included anti-skid potential.

But please note the warranty of Teamgee H20T is only 90 days. Compared to the warranty period of most brands on the market, 90 days is obviously too short.


Windseeker G5 electric skateboard






Price : $569

Wheels: 105mm

Top Speed: 43Kph / 27 Mph

Range: 35Km / 21.8 Miles

Battery: 36V 2500mah

Motor: 2*450W


Windseeker is founded in 2016 by a Skateboard enthusiast, WINDSEEKER dedicated to developing and manufacturing vehicles (mainly personalized smart cars) for users on short trips.

Windseeker G5 sinking electric skateboard built-in intelligent sensor color light, with multi-color gradient light, and can sense and keep following the skateboard running speed and direction. Safer and fashionable.

The e-skateboard with dual 450W motor has 3 speed modes for advanced skaters: Low(10mph), Medium(15mph) and High(27mph).

The big 36V 7500mah Lithium Battery with a maximum range of 21.8 miles, it can be fully charged within 4 hours.


WowGo 2S MAX ( 2 in 1 )



Price : $569.99

Wheels: 90mm + 105mm

Top Speed: 45 Kph / 28 Mph

Range: 23 Km / 14 Miles

Battery: 12S2P, 216Wh, 5.0Ah

Motor: 2*550W

Hill Climbing: 25-30%


The Wowgo 2s Max is an all-around great board that both beginners and veterans will like. Wowgo 2s Max has great torque, good range, and is a comfortable ride. The specs, polish, and design is well worth the price tag.

it starts at $479 with the street wheels and you can upgrade to a 2-in-1 with 105mm wheels for about $569.


The above is the list of electric skateboards with off-road wheels under $600. Hope that helps you choose the best e-board for you.

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