Eskate Under $500 - Possway T2 and Wowgo 2s Pro - which is the best? POSSWAY
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Eskate Under $500 - Possway T2 and Wowgo 2s Pro - which is the best?

by Sarah Wu on Jan 22, 2022

Eskate Under $500 - Possway T2 and Wowgo 2s Pro - which is the best? 

Recently, one of my friends told me that he was searching for Chinese new year gifts for friends, it is difficult to find the right gifts under a limited budget, which made him a little confused.

He said, on one hand, he wants these gifts to be useful, and on the other hand, he wants it to be price-efficient, so combining product practicality with his budget plan, I suggested him consider about skate, a funny commute vehicle, and pastime tool.

Under $500, there’s a few good eskate which performs very well, Possway T2 electric skateboard and Wowgo 2S pro both are under $500, good price, nice physical design, performances also are excellent, by comparing each other's performance, you’ll know which one suits you.




Wowgo 2S PRO

Act. Price




30-35 Km/h 18-21 Miles

22 Km / 13.75 Miles

Low Speed

L: 0-10 Km/h (6 Mph)


Medium Speed

M: 0-20 Km/h (12 Mph)


High Speed

H: 0-43 Km/h  (26 Mph)


Top Speed

Pro: 0-43 Km/h(Faster acceleration)

28 Mph / 45 Kph

Board Weight

19.4 Lb / 8.8 Kg

18 Lb / 8.2 Kg

Max Load

330 Lbs

331 Lbs

Board Material

1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maple

Canadian maple + bamboo+ fiberglass

Battery Capacity



Battery Type

7.8Ah,36V,10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery

5.0Ah, 50.4V, 12S4P

Charging time

2A (1 hour for 5 miles, 4 Hrs for 20 miles)
5A (1.5Hrs)


Motor Type

90mm Hub Motor


Motor Power

500W*2(High power and high torque)


Wheel Material


78A PU

Wheel Size

90mm / 105mm,85 resilience,SHR83A

90mm / 105mm

hill climbing






electric skateboard




Battery capacity

As the date from the chart,  T2’s battery capacity reaches 280.8Wh, Wowgo 2S pro reaches 216Wh, both of them are good figures, but the higher figures of the battery capacity means better performance and longer riding range.




Board Material

T2 eskate adapts the combination of bamboo and Canadian maples, 8 layers of Canadian maples keep the skateboard sturdy, 1 layer of bamboo gives flexibility to the deck. while you are riding on the board, you'll know that the turning and acceleration control is excellent.

Wowgo 2s pro adapts Canadian maple and bamboo and fiberglass combination, but we don’t know what’s the layer settings, different setting has different effects.



electric skateboard



Motor type

T2 uses two 90mm hub motor, Wowgo 2s pro’s motor type is still unknown, but both of them supports 105mm wheels, switchable wheels are fantastic.



Charging time

T2 upgraded version supports fast charging, if you use the 5A charger, within 1.5 hours you can get a fully charged skateboard; with the 2A charger, 1-hour charging can support 5 miles, and 4 hours charging can supports 20 miles,

Wowgo 2s might not support fast charging, one fully charging has to take 2.5h-3h.


 electric skateboard



As for beginners, both of the skateboards are nice.

But if you want your eskate to be as a commute vehicle for you, under $500, Possway T2 electric skateboard's performance is the best.

T2 electric skateboard has a good price, a nice physical design, high battery capacity, stable ESC control, which will be an excellent tool for you.

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