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Is It Necessary to Have Electric Skateboard Lights?

by Charlie Mu on Oct 21, 2022

Electric skateboards provide an exciting and fun way to commute and exercise. While many people are concerned with the range and speed of an electric skateboard, the most crucial factor to consider when riding an electric skateboard is safety. How do you have fun when danger is right around the corner?


How to Ride Electric Skateboard Safely

It's always best to ride an electric skateboard with caution. Although it is small and cannot drive as quickly as cars and electric bicycles, it is still a lot faster than pedestrians, and crushing others could result in serious injuries. Furthermore, electric skateboards are still quite susceptible to vehicles, and a driver's minor mistake can be fatal. All of your fun ridings might be ruined in an instant by a bump or a pothole, which could send you or others to the hospital. To keep you safe, always remember to wear protective gear such as a helmet and knee pads. Almost all fatalities are the result of not wearing a helmet. So, it's best to wear a helmet all the time.

 electric skateboard helmet and gear safe ride

Lighting Up Your Electric Skateboard

Is it necessary to have lighting on your electric skateboard? If you plan on riding an electric skateboard at night or on a misty or dim day, make sure you equip your skateboard with lights. In many countries, such as Norway and Sweden, it's compulsory to equip a headlight and taillight if you want to ride an electric skateboard on the road. It is important to see the road ahead to avoid colliding with people, as well as cracks and potholes that cause you to fall. Additionally, it's crucial to be visible to others on nights or days with bad weather.

electric skateboard lights on grass

Since electric skateboards are still a relatively new phenomenon, there are few statistics on accidents caused by them. We may refer to the cycling data while discussing this. According to reports, the majority of fatal bike accidents occur between 6 pm and 9 pm, implying that visibility is critical to your safety when riding at night.

What sorts of lighting are available for your electric skateboard? I'll go through all of the different lights you can put on your electric skateboard below.


Headlight & Taillight

The basic components of electric skateboard lighting are headlights and taillights. The headlights assist you in checking the road ahead, while the taillights let those behind you see you. The brightness of your electric skateboard lights is sufficient since they must be visible enough to keep you safe.

electric skateboard headlight lights

The skateboard headlight combo SL300 from Shredlights has 300 lumens of brightness each and can stay lit for up to 20 hours. This allows others to notice you as far as 2-3km away. They are relatively simple to install and may also be used as taillights. Possway Lynx comes with a pair of Shredlights SL-R1 with 80 lumens of brightness each, ensuring visibility from over 2km away.


Helmet Light

helmet with built-in lights

Headlights are not always effective because they only aim in the direction of the electric skateboard. Instead of looking at where the skateboard is going, you should be able to see where you want to go. The smart helmet with built-in front and back warning lights protects your head while also lighting your road. It's very bright and can illuminate in any direction you want within 15 meters. The helmet is impact-resistant, waterproof, and has a breathable cooling system that eases your exhaustion and makes your riding a lot more comfortable.  


LED Wheels

electric skateboard starry LED wheels

Light can not only keep you safe but also makes you cool. The Starry LED 105mm wheels can flash red when running, adding more fun to your night ride.  


Strip Light

electric skateboard super lights

Feel the sides are too empty? With a more complicated installation, strip lights illuminate the skateboard's two sides with various colors. Make your skateboard unique!  



Nothing simple and effective like a flashlight. If all these electric skateboard-specific lights are too much for you and you only need to ride in a very small area with no cars, you can use a flashlight instead.   


Reflective Clothes

The brighter, the safer you will be. Reflective clothes are best to keep your body bright enough for other commuters. Maintain maximum visibility to have maximum safety.  

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