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The famous and fastest electric skateboard recommendation in the US

by Sarah Wu on Mar 04, 2022

Electric skateboard swept over the US, I would say it looks like everyone has their own electric skateboard.

From all the electric skateboards, which one is the famous and fastest, which is the practical e-tool, which is suited for daily commute, let’s find out together.


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The Fastest electric skateboard under $500




Top speed

Possway T2




Wowgo 2S MAX




Teamgee h20






Possway T2 2022 Version

Possway T2 2022 Version is the best electric skateboard under $500 I would say, T2, an optimized electric skateboard, that comes from Possway company that contributes to making useful and powerful eskates that helps people throttle in and out of the city, and brings convenience for people’s lives, and also enhance the meaning of people’s lives, so I would like to give this T2 eboard a big like.

This eskateboard from Possway, its 21 miles range totally satisfies my daily commute demands, even I could say with e-board that supports 21 miles range could support me to go anywhere I want, and the top speed 26 Mph totally meets my pursuits for the speed, even I go full speed in a period of time, with 21 miles range I still can go back home within one charge. The last one is the sale price of $449 is so cool, totally under my budget limitation.


The optimization on the T2 2022 version is a big progress, compared to their T2 2021 version, T2 2022 version has more flexibility and the same time more sturdy. The deck is based on the ergonomic structure of the human feet and made the rider with the skateboard form in one. The remote also is cool, the rider won’t feel too sweat while after the exhilarating skating, the remote forms in a good shape, in furthermore for the rider to control the skateboard. Another most awesome progress is the enclosure of the battery case and the ESC case, the designer makes a small intelligent trick on it, he made the ventile window follow the direction of the wind, just the right choice to reduce the heat stress of the battery and the ESC.


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Wowgo 2S Max

Wowgo 2S Max also is a cool electric skateboard under $500, it ranges up to 14 miles, it’s not a bad choice for school to home commute, and the top speed up to 28Mph also satisfied the riders’ speeding pursuits. But here is an important thing that you need to check, with 14 miles range, if the rider goes full speed under the top speed, after that, how much energy that the board could remain to support the range because more fast speed consumes more battery power. So in my conclusion is, in a range of electric skateboards under $500, wowgo 2S Max is cool, but I wish their range could reach more.


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Teamgee H20

Teamgee h20 absolutely is an exquisite electric skateboard, the design is fantastic, and the mile's range is up to 25 miles, top speed up to 26 Mph, almost the same figures with the Possway T2 electric skateboard, so the rider goes in a full-speed under the top speed, also no need to worry about the battery of the return journey, and from the advertisement on the internet, I think this board is not bad. Its price of $509 is a good price to be taken.


Possway T2, Wowgo 2S Max, Teamgee H20 these three electric skateboards are the popular and famous skateboards recently, both of them has the fastest speed, some of them has the super range, which one is your favorite?

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