What should be your best electric skateboards under 500? POSSWAY
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What should be your best electric skateboards under 500?

by Evan Sean on Apr 09, 2021

As a beginner you may wonder what’s your first electric skateboard should be. When you step into the esk8 world for the first time, however, the best electric skateboards are not very affordable if you're just looking to pick up the trend as a beginner. We recommend you choose a budget electric skateboard under 500. So what are the best electric skateboards under 500?


best electric skateboard under 500

How to choose the best electric skateboard under 500?

First, you need to think about the following things:

1.Motor type: The main thing to consider here is whether your motor is a hub motor or belt-driven system.

2.Range, Speed, and charging time: range,speed,and charge times are probably the three specifications that most people know to check.

3.Deck Style and Materials: Bamboo or maple? For riders, the difference between the two materials means the difference between a flexible and a stiff board. Bamboo is more flexible, whereas maple is stiffer.

4.Board Weight & Weight Capacity: The lighter board is easy to carry, the heavier board may offer more range because of a larger battery. If you are a heavier guy you may find that the specs listed don’t apply to people over a certain weight.

5.Shipping time, Warranty, Customer Support: Last, always check the shipping time, warranty, customer service provided, and spare parts availability.

Possway electric skateboards- best electric skateboards under 500

Possway is a young company that is committed to providing budget electric skateboards. The founder is the director of the supply chain in a large manufacturing company in China, and the team members include former employees of other well-known esk8 brands and Internet companies and they all have a passion for electric skateboards. The possway team has spent effort optimizing the supply chain process while maintaining quality to make electric skateboards more affordable. Possway also invested more in logistics, such as overseas warehouses, to increase the speed of delivery. Refer to the products, Possway’s products are for those who need budget electric skateboards, especially electric skateboards under 500.

best electric skateboard under 500

Possway T2 and T1 are very competitive among those electric skateboards under 500. Top speed can reach 26mph/42kph, and both T2 and T1 have a decent range: 21 miles(31km) and 24 miles(38km). The Possway boards are well built and look high quality. Possway has got many very positive reviews from their customers, and now Possway has been the first choice for many potential buyers because the value of their electric skateboards is very affordable, and the specs are better to compare with the competitors.

best electric skateboard under 500

Editor's opinion

You should buy one from the best electric skateboards under 500. Many electric skateboards are overpriced, because of lacking competitors. I'm so glad Possway came out from nowhere with their very cost-friendly and well-built electric skateboards. Why choose those overpriced boards rather than Possway? With the weather warming up and adventures looking more likely, if you’re a beginner or someone who is looking for the best electric skateboard under 500. You really need to check out Possway T2 and Possway T1. They’ll amaze you. 

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