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Possway V4 Pro VS Teamgee H5 - Best Budget Electric Skateboards for Beginners

by Charlie Mu on Oct 13, 2022

It can be hard for beginners to choose their first electric skateboards, as most of them are too expensive for entry-level skaters, and those with a lower price are usually made of questionable quality. Here are two electric skateboards that are perfect for beginners. Both managed to provide everything needed for entry-level skaters and maintain excellent quality at an extremely affordable price (under $400). 


Electric Skateboard Possway V4 Pro

  • Price: $329 
  • Range: 8miles / 13km 
  • Top Speed: 23mph / 37kmh 
  • Max Load: 220lbs / 100kg 
  • Board Weight: 12.5lbs / 5.7kg 
  • Hill Grade: 20% 
  • Motor: 2x 400W hub dual motor 
  • Warranty: 6 months


Possway V4 Pro electric skateboard


Possway V4 Pro is only $329 and offers everything an entry-level skater ever needs. With the 400W hub dual motor, the board can reach a maximum speed of 23mph, which is more than enough for beginners. Beginners are also harder to get thrown off with an incredibly smooth acceleration adjusted by the smart ESC.

Possway V4 Pro is very easy to carry. It's a lot lighter than the majority of electric longboards you can find in the market, weighing only 12.5lbs, while most eboards weigh over 18lbs. If portability is important to you, Possway V4 Pro will be the right choice.

An automatic switch makes it very comfortable and intuitive to ride. All you need is to turn on the remote, push the board, and off you go.  


Teamgee H5 Blade Electric Skateboard With Drop Through Deck

  • Price: $399 
  • Range: 11miles / 18km 
  • Top Speed: 22mph / 35kmh 
  • Max Load: 220lbs / 100kg 
  • Board Weight: 13.7lbs / 6.2kg 
  • Hill Grade: 20% 
  • Motor: 2x 380W hub dual motor 
  • Warranty: 3 months 


Teamgee H5 electric skateboard


Teamgee H5 has an elegance that is uncommon in other electric skateboards. Its delicate design with a built-in battery makes the appearance of Teamgee H5 very close to a regular non-electric skateboard. Powered by the 380W hub dual motor, the skateboard can ride as fast as 22mph and is capable of slope climbing up to a hill grade of 20%. 

A little heavier with a weight of 13.7lbs, Teamgee H5 is still lightweight and portable. A smooth ride is provided even at high speeds by the board's reverse-mounted bridge, which is 3.1inches off the ground.



Possway V4 Pro and Teamgee H5 are made of sturdy materials, letting you ride with confidence. They are very easy to learn and have 4 speed modes suitable for different levels of skaters. Both boards do not really have any flex, which is great for beginners as the boards will be easier to control, and skaters will have fewer things to worry about when riding. 

Possway V4 Pro electric skateboard

So, which one is the better electric skateboard under $400? Depends on what values more to you when choosing electric skateboards. If you prefer an electric skateboard that looks very close to a traditional one, then Teamgee H5 is more suitable for you. Teamgee H5 also has a slightly longer range. In terms of budget, Possway V4 Pro definitely has a greater value for money. It costs $70 less than Teamgee H5 while having similar performance. Possway V4 Pro is also lighter and more portable than Teamgee H5 and has a more powerful motor that makes it easier to cross rocky roads and hills, providing a smoother ride. When choosing an electric skateboard, after-sale service is an important factor to consider. Teamgee H5 offers 3 months warranty while Possway V4 Pro offers 6 months warranty. If you want a longer after-sale service, Possway V4 Pro is the best choice for you.

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