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Best electric skateboard for the year 2022-TOP3 eskates recommendation

by Sarah Wu on Mar 03, 2022

Best electric skateboard at the year 2022

Electric skateboards are very exhilarating, speedy, and environmentally friendly, consequently, it gets popular with all age groups. Therefore, an electric skateboard is very handy, almost could take you to anywhere you want to go, so if you want to save your time and the costs for the gas, and if you are trying to find a way to fly away from the traffic jam, then this is the right place for you, this article would tell you the top 3 electric skateboards of the year of 2022.



Best road-conquerer eskates for beginners: Possway T3 electric skateboard 37” longboard with shock-absorbing wheels


electric skateboard 


maximize speed: top speed up to 32 Mph, fairly the fastest speed in the eboard world,

infinite range: one battery case supports up to 20 miles range, with a spare battery package, you could have the infinite range

lWheels:105mm shock-absorbing wheels(design and optimize based on the cloud wheels) pro conquer the very most dangerous road, absorb the most vibration, suitable for various terrains

maximize load: top load up to 330lbs, 150Kg

streamline Design: unique concavity design paired with flexibility steering control, 1 ply bamboo + 8 ply Canadian maple combination deck with streamline design, keeps a low gravity, safe-surfing at high speed


Advantage: Hub motor well-performed, directly benefits to its mile range and the control form. It Suits for the daily commute and recreation, with no need for energy maintenance or protection check. High quality and top performance. The high top speed and decent range at a very affordable price make it a great value-for-money option for people looking to get into eskating.



Disadvantage: With superpower conquering the most terrains which consume its gradeability a little, in some content let us call it a tie.




Best entry-level electric skateboard: Possway V4 electric skateboard, dual hub motorized skate board


electric skateboard

Maximize speed: top speed up to 15 Mph, very friendly to beginners

Suitable Commute range:  up to 10 miles, could be used as a commute vehicle for students


Advantages: super easy to learn, beginners could learn it in 10 minutes, the speed is very safe for beginners, deck design and braking system both are fantastic.


Disadvantage: this is the best beginner electric skateboard, so the range and speed are very limited, if you require more range and more fast speed, then T3 is more suit for you.



Backfire G2 black with super power hobbywing motors and 96mm wheels

electric skateboard


Maximize speed: twp speed up to 24Mph, with dual powered motor, supports 12.5 miles for one charge


Advantage: this is another beginner trucks skateboard, the top speed is mild for beginners, the range is also enough for daily commute


Disadvantage: as you know, entry-level eskateboards have two aspects, one is friendly for beginners, on the other side, the speed is limited.



That’s all the TOP3 eskates recommendation from Eddie, what do you think?

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