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Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

by Sasa Wu on Mar 26, 2021

If you’re looking to buy your first electric skateboard, The first thing you want to think about is what kind of roads you will be riding on. If you’ll only ever be on smooth, sealed roads and paths then street PU (polyurethane) wheels are what you’re after. If the roads where you live are less than perfect then you might want to consider getting something with AT wheels or hybrids. These will help absorb more bumps and cracks in the road and you can even ride on gravel trails. Lastly, if you’re into heavy trail riding, consider getting an electric skateboard with full AT wheels. These can go almost anywhere. Street, gravel, dirt, grass, you name it, it can probably handle it. The only place that it will likely struggle is on the sand.

The type of motors that an electric skateboard uses is important to consider. The two main types are hub motors and belt-drives.

Hub motors are great because they don’t require any maintenance, however, you do lose a little bit of performance and you don’t have any options for wheels other than what they come with.

Belt-drives, on the other hand, require a bit of maintenance because belts can sometimes break depending on how hard you ride. debris can also get stuck between them so you’ll want to give them a good clean now and then.

The deck is a very important component of an electric skateboard because it’s going to dictate your ride comfort.

A stiff deck is going to be easier to turn and stays more stable when riding at high speeds. However, you’re going to feel more vibrations from the road.

A flexible deck, on the other hand, is going to absorb a lot more vibrations giving you a very comfortable ride. But you’re going to lose stability at high speeds. Some of the best beginner decks are flexy decks because it makes the ride so smooth and is easy to learn on.

Maple and carbon fiber decks tend to be the stiffest, while bamboo will be the most flexible. You might find some composites that contain a bit of maple and a bit of bamboo. This is to get a nice middle-ground of flexibility and stability.

Last but not least, let’s talk about price. When you go through all the models, specs, parameters and finally pick one, damn it, it's expensive. Don't worry, here are the best electric skateboards under $500.

electric skateboard

POSSWAY T2 -The Best Electric Skateboard Under $500 

  • Price:$349
  • Wheels:90mmx52mm, 85 resilience, SHR82A
  • Truck:45°, 7 Inches
  • Top Speed:26mph / 42kmph
  • Battery Type: 10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery,36V 7.8Ah
  • Range: 21 miles / 34 km (80kg rider H mode 25km/h speed flat road)
  • Max Load:330lbs / 150kg
  • Weight:17.5lbs / 8Kg
  • Comfortable Carving and Turning Deck
  • 5 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of fiberglass
Possway T2

The deck of the Possway T2 is made from a composite of Canadian Maple and fiberglass. It is then wrapped up in coating that is supposed to be collision and scratch-resistant.

The Possway T2 is fitted with all black 90mm SHR82A wheels with a contact area of 52mm. For 82A wheels, they are quite hard which makes them great sliding wheels. And combined with the stiff deck, I wouldn’t skip past the Possway T2 if you’re looking for a good sliding electric skateboard.

The Possway T2 has a high-capacity 18650 cells with a high discharge rate ensure strong performance and reliability. Long-term storage will automatically trigger the low-power mode. Automatically turn on and off, when the skateboard rides or stops for a few seconds, the power switch will automatically turn on or off.

The Possway T2 is easy to maintain. Virtually maintenance-free At IP54 water-resistant board. The modular design of the ESC, battery, and power system means each part can be easily swapped.


Possway T2
Overall impression. The Possway T2 electric skateboard is a fantastic electric skateboard.

It is perfect for riders who want to have a thrill and reach high speeds with stability. It is awesome for sliding due to the stiff deck and hard wheels.

And finally, I might even put it out there and say that it could be the best electric skateboard under $’s great for parents who want to buy their child an electric skateboard but still want them to be able to ride it in a safe and controlled environment.

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