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Black Friday Is Coming 2022

by Charlie Mu on Nov 04, 2022

No need to wait until November. Start saving now with Possway Black Friday 2022 Sale! Now is the best time to get a new electric skateboard or eskate accessories. During the electric skateboard Black Friday 2022 Sale, Possway is providing discounts of up to 35% on electric skateboards and 26% on eskate accessories. Get early access to the biggest sale of the year while it last. There aren't many stocks remaining, so act quickly.

More details of the Black Friday Deals:

Possway V4 Pro

Possway V4 Pro black friday sale

  • For Teens
  • Range: 8-10 miles / 13-16 km
  • Speed: 23mph / 37kph
  • Battery: 752P, 18650 4000mAh
  • Motors: 800W Double Hub Motors
  • Price: $449 - $120 off - Now Only $329

Durable and portable, the Possway V4 Pro is a perfect skateboard for teenagers. The skateboard weighs only 12.5lb and is very easy to handle and master for beginners. The 800W double hub motor provides the skateboard with a top speed of 23 mph, which is exciting enough for teenagers without putting them in serious danger. For teenagers, safety is the first priority. Despite the budget price, the Possway V4 Pro is very well made of durable and sturdy materials, providing a solid ground for riders to stand. During the electric skateboard Black Friday Sale, you can have the Possway V4 Pro for only $329, which is $120 off its original price!


Possway T3

electric skateboard black friday

  • For Commutes
  • Range: 17-20 miles / 27-32 km
  • Speed: 28mph / 45kph
  • Battery: 10S3P, 18650 7800mAh
  • Motors: 1000W Double Hub Motors
  • Price: $649 - $230 off - Now Only $419

With an upgraded 280.8wh 10S3P 18650 lithium battery and the 1000W double hub motors, the Possway T3 lets you commute further at a higher speed. The skateboard equips 105mm shock-absorbing wheels, offering a smooth ride on rocky roads. During the Black Friday Sales, the Possway T3 only costs $419, saving you $230! If you are looking for a cool alternative for your daily commute, the Possway T3 will be the best choice.


Possway Lynx

possway lynx electric skateboard sale

  • For Pro
  • Range: 26 miles / 42 km
  • Speed: 32mph / 52kph
  • Battery: 12S2P, 21700 8000mAh
  • Motors: 2700W Double Belt Motors
  • Price: $999 - $180 off - Now Only $819

Possway has just launched its best electric skateboard so far – the Possway Lynx! It's the only Possway electric skateboard that features belt motors, which provide better torque and more power. The belt motors also provide a greater climbing capability, allowing the Possway Lynx to climb slopes up to 48% hill grade. The extra set of wheels and rear lights also make the skateboard accessible to more terrains. For advanced skaters who want more thrill and excitement, the Possway Lynx is a perfect option. Order now at $819 during the electric skateboard Black Friday Sale, saving $180!


Check More Deals

PU Sleeve sale

Possway offers fewer discounts on eskate accessories, but those deals are still great! The 90x54mm Wheels and PU sleeves for T3 only cost $29, which is 25% off its original price! The Possway 5A Charger and the battery pack for T3 are also on sale during Black Friday.

Check more details about Possway Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals here.

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