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How are the attitudes of laws in countries towards electric skateboards

by Sarah Wu on Feb 26, 2022

How are the attitudes of laws in countries towards electric skateboards


A lot of our clients convey the concerns that are electric skateboards violate the local law, so today we have collected opinions from a few customers. electric skateboards go popular in the global world, How do people think about electric skateboards and how is the law attitude towards the electric skateboard? let's listen to the eboard owners.


Q1:How are the attitudes of laws in countries towards electric skateboards?

Q2:How do you have fun times with eboards?

Q3:Are you happy with your one device?

Q4:If you could get a second Personal Electric Vehicle what would it be?

Q5:What shortcoming do you think it would solve, or just for fun?


Let’s see how’s the answer from them.


electric skateboard


Melinda: Probably an e-board that goes over 20 mph but under 60 mph would be good,   days when conditions are not perfect or need to commute farther or on roads where a higher average speed is required, then I would want to choose to commute with an esk8, it’s useful.


Kathy: I have 2 esk8s. I also have an e-bike, but as neither my wife nor friends are comfortable on an esk8 to go with me on a ride, I don’t know why. I think esk8s are fun, I like it very much for sure.


Jack: The only thing that really stands out for me after trying a couple of scooters, one wheel, ele longboards, ebikes, electric skates is maybe a best, but I know I could build another 3+ boards for the cost of that since I wouldn’t be able to resist modding it also.



Mackenzie: I have an esk8 and EUC. I pretty much only ride the esk8 now, free land, I have my choice to have fun.


 electric skateboard


Oliver: It's got to be an electric surfboard. Can you imagine how mad surfers would be watching you pull up and drop in on a wave without paddling, haha? In the US, there's no baned.



McFeely:I guess french Montana is living in the future across a big body of water from me. Show me the ways of a wise one. How do I convince my community to accept “anarchy” on 4wheels, when being powered by one wheel or 2 (electric bike) is fine? I already got in a fistfight with a park ranger telling me “how it is”. I won. Got stopped by a few patrol cops last summer saying it breaks the law riding them in a park. (It isn’t)


 electric skateboard


Danielle: last season, One cop on a bike tried to catch up to me to stop and ticket me but couldn’t. My dumb Maga, retired cop, uncle told me the french were pussy’s over french fries when I was in grade school. Obviously, he is an idiot. yall don't seem as bad as my uncle says. Freedom fries here, taste the same as the local french fries you French people outsource to the rest of the world. the next obvious question is; what gives? this is all rhetorical.


Susan: An awful lot of words for you to tell us it makes sense for you to own an ele board haha

Meanwhile, in Germany, I'm not even allowed to drive my hoverboard around. Everything apart from E-scooters (which require license plates to be street legal) is prohibited.



Bernard: dude for real almost all the country's police force hates Eskate but scooter and bike and one the wheel seem fine, It sounds ridiculous but it's happening everywhere, every single warm season, since their invention.



Barry Doe: Nope; the popo is just reminding everyone that increasingly popular escoots are very much illegal.

Caveat emptor: most cops are willing to look the other way if the rider is not being a dickhead. It's HWP that are just too eager to hand out fines. And most cops hate them too.



Austin Krebs: Are fines for anything and everything still $500 in Aus. Always had a real police state feel when I was there (big fines for small public order stuff and the cops walk around in groups of 4.




Kai: Yeah, I would give it a go, meanwhile in France my electric skateboard is legally recognized as a vehicle, I take it all the time. And any injury I suffer riding it to or from my workplace is considered a work accident and I'm entitled to a paid medical vacation. Also, my boss has to cover 50% of the electricity used in my commute. The battery charging period is a little inconvenient, I need the esk8s all the time.



Karan: Of course, second-person eskates are cheap and fun, you won’t feel hurt if it’s broken, of course, all the electronics would get problems in the end.

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