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How To Ride an Electric Skateboard: Tips for Beginners

by Charlie Mu on Nov 18, 2022

Are you considering getting an electric skateboard? Do you know how to ride an electric skateboard? No worries, this article will guide you through the technics and things to note when riding an electric skateboard. It's obvious that an electric skateboard is very similar to a traditional skateboard in terms of design and riding experiences. Therefore, for people with experience in traditional skateboarding, snowboarding, surfer, or any sport involving riding on top of a deck, learning to ride an electric skateboard is an easy task, as they have already put a lot of time into mastering these activities.

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However, for beginners without experience in any of these sports, there is no need to panic. Powered by electric motors, an electric skateboard is easier to get started with and keep balance. Riders don't need to kick-push an electric skateboard. They can just stand firmly on the board and push the remote control to move.

These techniques could help beginners to ride an electric skateboard.


1. Find Your Stance

After getting your new electric skateboard, turn it on first and then pair it with the remote control. You then need to find your stance. Are you more comfortable with a goofy stance or a regular stance?  

Goofy or Regular stance  

  • Goofy stance: leading with your right foot and putting your left foot in the back.  
  • Regular stance: leading with your left foot and putting your right foot in the back.  

Basically, are you more comfortable leading with your right or left foot? To determine whether you are a goofy skater or a regular skater, it's best to get on the board and let your instinct decide. It's also better to have a family member or friend assist you on the side, let you try different stances, and see which one is more comfortable for you. Choosing the right stance for you can let you skate safer and more stably.


2. Start Slow

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With electric motors, an electric skateboard can be very fast. While skating fast is fun, keeping your balance and posture on the board is a lot harder. For beginners, it's best to ride in a low-speed mode on a relatively flat and wide square. Bent your front leg slightly and put your feet on the tail of the board. Remember not to step on the front and rear wheels to avoid the risk of a sudden brake when turning. Leans slightly forward when riding. After finding a sense of balance, learning to drive in a straight line, steering, deceleration, braking, and emergency jumping, you can try with a relatively faster speed.


3. Brake Carefully

Braking can feel very abrupt if not tried carefully. Before braking, kneel down a little bit, lean slightly backward and slow down first. Put the throttle wheel of the remote control in the middle position and then slowly pull the throttle back to brake the board.


4. Practice, Practice, Practice!

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Practice is the key to mastering your skateboarding skill. The more you ride with your electric skateboard, the more you are used to the speed and stance, then the better you can keep your balance and control the skateboard.


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