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How to Teach Your Kid to Ride an Electric Skateboard

by Charlie Mu on Dec 03, 2022

Is your child interested in riding an electric skateboard? Do you want your child to have a greater interest in outside activities? Electric skateboards are a fun activity that allows your child to learn balance and endurance, making them healthier. Electric skateboards, while very similar to traditional skateboards, are more friendly to beginners since they do not require pushing and are simpler to maintain stability on. It's then relatively easy for your child to learn to ride an electric skateboard. Here are some tips on how to teach your child to ride an electric skateboard. I hope this article can help you.


Requirement for Riding Electric Skateboard

First of all, is your child allowed to ride an electric skateboard? Different countries have different regulations, but generally, riders must be over 16 or 18 years old to be legally on the street alone. However, children over the age of six are permitted to ride an electric skateboard in the company of adult supervision. For your child to ride safely, remember to put protective gears on them and stay close to them when they are riding the electric skateboard.

skateboarding with protective gear


Choose the Right Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboard market is now big enough that you have a wide choice of products to pick from. A lightweight electric skateboard at an affordable price would be an ideal choice for kids. They are often easier to carry and control, making them ideal for beginners and children. These kinds of skateboards also tend to have a lower-than-average top speed, which is safer for kids as riding too quickly might endanger them.


Find A Good Location

electric skateboard sunset

It is ideal to start your child's electric skateboard lessons in a smooth, flat, and large area. There will then be enough room for them to skate, and a smooth surface is far more comfortable to ride on than a rough one. It is also important to make sure that there are no other vehicles around in order to keep your child safe.


Find the Right Stance

Let your child get comfortable with the electric skateboard. Does your child prefer a regular stance or a goofy stance? A regular stance is when riders lead with their left foot when skateboarding, and a goofy stance is when riders lead with their right foot when skateboarding. Choosing the right stance is important, as it can help your kid to ride the electric skateboard more confidently and steadily.


Set Goals to Motivate Your Child

riding electric skateboard kid

Learning a skill can be tedious at times, especially for children who are always looking for new experiences. Also, your child may fall over several times, which is normal, but it may dampen their enthusiasm for learning to ride an electric skateboard. Setting goals might increase your child's enthusiasm and excitement about learning to ride an electric skateboard.



Recording your child's movement while riding the electric skateboard might assist your child in learning faster. Let your child watch the recordings to have a better grasp of what they are doing incorrectly and where they need to improve. 

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