Autumn Sale!Win Free T-shirt and Starry wheels POSSWAY
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Autumn Sale!Win Free T-shirt and Starry wheels

by May Chen on Sep 21, 2022

Purchase Possway E-skateboard,Win Free T-shirt and Starry wheels!

At the early of this Autumn, Possway prepared T-shirts and Starry wheels for Giveaway! As an appreciation gift for the support from our fans! For the detailed informations, please read the message below.


Giveaway Time

From 20th of September to 30th of September (GMT+8 Pacific time)


Giveaway Prizes

Possway commemoration T-shirt 

Satrry wheels x 2 paris

Possway starry wheels


How many prizes are there?

Possway has already prepared 100 commemoration T-shirts in the US warehouse and 3 pairs of flash wheels. High winning odds.
Please notice, that the commemoration T-shirts are only available for US orders, the flash wheels have no region limitation, feel free to participate.


How to get the prize?

From the date 20th-30th, one successful skateboard order would have one chance to participate in the event to get the Possway Comemoration T-shirt.

At the last day of the 30th, every successful skateboard order would have an extra chance to participate to get the flash wheel.

Only skateboard orders are available, the components order do not count.


Can I Return the board if I didn’t get the prize?

Every successful order will be processed with a few procedures, which we’ll have the manager process the order, then have the warehouse workers check the item's status. After all the procedure is clear, we will have the staff consign the package to the logistics to ship it out. If you want to cancel the order, it would have the item reprocessed, which would cause us to pay twice of commission fee.

Also, to cancel the order would cause a commission fee charged by the bank, this time the customer will cover it.

Normally, after the package is shipped out, it can not be returned. But if you didn’t open the package and insist to return, after we checked the situation, you can return it by covering all the shipping fees yourself.


What electric skateboard to order

If you are an very beginners for electric skateboard, new to electric skateboard, there's two conditions for you to consider to.

For beginners and budget-sufficient customers, we suggest T3 electric skateboard, for it has a higher top speed and longer range. High top speed up to 28mph, long range up to 20 miles.

For beginners and not much budget customers, we suggest the V4 pro electric skateboard, for it has a 23mph top speed and 13 miles range and only sells for $349.


Special coupon for customers to apply?

If you want to order an electric skateboard, $10 special coupon code: COOLBOARD

If you want to order an electric skateboard bundle, $15 special coupon code: LEEBUNDLE

The link to Possway Commemoration T-shirt and Starry wheels GiveAway


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