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Possway Lynx belt-driven electric skateboard

by May Chen on Nov 22, 2022

Looking back to this year, we have witnessed together that the T3 electric skateboard becomes a bestseller product in Possway’s online store; T3 with its shock-absorbing wheels has climbed to the top seat. I don’t know if you noticed that, recently, Possway silently released their belt-driven electric skateboard, the first belt-driven skateboard on this Possway Online Store. There’s always been like this in the business, new product comes brings more competitiveness and more choice, how’s the performance of the lynx skateboard? Is this board a better product to consider as a commuting tool?


Possway Lynx belt-driven electric skateboard




What’s belt driven electric skateboard

As we know, the two most efficient electric skateboard are the hub motor skateboard and the belt-driven skateboard. You may want to ask, what’s the difference between the hub motor and belt-driven motor.

The wheel hub motor also called wheel motor, wheel hub drive, hub motor or in-wheel motor; it is an electric motor that is incorporated into the hub of a wheel and drives it directly. Hub motors are easier to install and easy maintainess.


Possway Lynx belt-driven electric skateboard



The Belt-drive motors have many components that work together to propel the electric skateboard forward. The motor sits externally from the wheels and is held by a motor mount that is connected to the trucks. Both the wheel and motors are attached to gears called wheel pulleys and motor pulleys respectively.

The hub motor electric skateboards have two hub motor wheels and two normal wheels.

The belt driven electric skateboards have four normal wheels for its motors are sits outside the wheels.



How’s the performance of the Lynx electric skateboard

Only great quality product gets great grade. The lynx electric skateboard sells at $819, it must got higher performance to match its price.

With a firm and flexible deck, the cruise experience of the rider would be much amazing. The deck of the Lynx got 1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maple, same deck material and same structure as possway T3 deck, most customers reviewed the deck, not a bad choice.


Possway Lynx belt-driven electric skateboard



With a longer range, the practicality would be much better, with a higher speed, the skating would be much fun. The lynx assembled with a battery capacity of 345.6wh. A battery type of 8Ah, 50.4V, 12S2P 21700  Samsung 40T li-ion battery.  High configuration make it reaches  the top speed of 32mph, converted to km is 52kmh.


Four speed modes seems has been a trandition of Possway electric skatebaord. The lyns still got 4 speed modes, low speed reaches 0-6 mph, midium speed reaches 0-12mph, high speed reaches 0-32mph, pro speed reaches faster than 32mph, it varies from different people, for different weights.



To make the product more intellegent, you need to put your foot on the customers shoes, Possway seems to collected a lot of feedback from their customers, The most fabulous function exist on the Lynx, the P mode, while the board was in stop condition, but you’ll use it later, you can put the board on P mode.




Promotion of the Lynx belt-drive electric skateboard

Currently, it about to be the end of Black Friday, but the Lynx is still on pre-sale process. The normal price is $999, people now could order at $819 during this limited time.

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