Best Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Review -Possway Lynx VS Exway Flex ER
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Best Belt Drive Electric Skateboard Review -Possway Lynx VS Exway Flex ER

by theresa Wen on Oct 21, 2022

As the popularity of electric skateboard increases the demand has also gotten higher, and we are going to take a look at one of the newest electric skateboards the Possway Lynx and Exway Flex ER. The Exway Flex ER comes in at $799 and $879 for the Possway Lynx.



Possway Lynx equips with a 12S2P Sumsang 21700 40T battery, which you will get up to 26 miles/ 42km range and a max speed of 32mph / 52kph.

Exway Flex ER has 21700 4000mAh 3.65V high discharge li-ion cells in a 12S2P configuration which is 60% bigger than that of the original Exway Flex and directly translates to a 60% increase in the range of up to 28 miles / 45km and a max speed of 28 mph / 45 kph. But we don't know what brand of battery cell they used.

electric skateboard

As for the ESC and remote, both Possway and Exway use the OLED remote with 4-speed modes, and power-on function. But please note that Possway is the same as Meepo. After you turn on the remote, you still need to simply push the skateboard with your foot to turn it on.


For Possway Lynx, you can adjust the acceleration and braking strength of the board on the electric skateboard remote control, but if you want to adjust the Exway Flex ER data, you need to download their APP, which I personally think is inconvenient.

exway flex



The Possway Lynx features a 37.2″ drop deck made of 1-ply bamboo and 8-ply Canadian maple. It has a W-concave shape that assists with turning, and a slight dropdown that locks your feet in to provide confidence that your feet aren’t going to slip off during the ride.


This is an underrated feature because knowing that your feet are always going to be in the same place, you can focus your attention on the road and where you're going rather than constantly looking down to check that your feet haven’t moved.


Exway Flex ER is made of a composite of bamboo, maple, and fiberglass, it is able to provide flexibility that helps to absorb vibrations, cracks, and bumps in the road while ensuring durability in the long run.


It has a deep concave shape with flared edges in the areas you place your feet which helps you to control the skateboard and makes turning really easy.


All in all, the decks on both boards are excellent.

electric skateboard deck


The wheels of Exway Flex ER are Exway's own, orange, 85mm with a hardness level of 76A.


And the standard factory configuration of the Possway lynx is 2-in-1. you can experience 105 wheels and 90mm wheels all at once. 


And they have released new 105mm wheels called starry wheels.  They can be lighted up when you ride, you'll have to buy them extra yourself if you need them. If you ride at night a lot, I think you can buy a set of starry wheels.

electric skateboard wheels

Extra Accessories

Both Possway Lynx and Exway Flex ER are belt dirve electric skateboards.


But as you can see from their website, the Possway Lynx package comes with more accessories. Including a pair of Shredlight kits, a set of 90mm PU wheels, 2 spare pulleys and belts. At Exway, you have to pay extra to get these accessories.

possway lynx

exway flex er


Final Thoughts

If you ride at night a lot, you can go for Possway Lynx, it equips a pair of Shredlight, you don't need to pay extra money. and you also can get the Starry wheels for your interest.


Possway Lynx is only $80 more than Exway Flex ER, but you get higher top speed, sheredlight kit, and you also can get as many free accessories as above I mentioned.


For commuters, carvers and cruisers, the Possway Lynx is a great choice.

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*Comparison of Possway Lynx and Exway Flex ER


Possway Lynx (2 in 1)

Exway Flex ER (Belt)


$999 $879

$849 $799

Top Speed

32mph / 52kph

28mph / 45kph


26 mi / 42km

28 mi / 45 km

Battery Capacity

345.6 wh

345 wh


105*65mm + 90*54mm


Charging time

2A (1 hour for 5 miles, 4 Hrs for 20 miles)

5A (1.5Hrs)

200W Charger: 2.3h

Hill Climbing



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