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Possway T2 electric skateboard is perfect for office workers.

by theresa Wen on Jun 09, 2022

More and more people fall in love with electric skateboards. And some people start to cultivate the hobby and practice it from scratch. They indeed enjoy riding it. Do you have a friend who is crazy about the electric skateboard, keep sharing a lot of fun experiences with you. You definitely saw the big smile on their face. Or you met strangers riding it and galloping away like the wind. You will be astonished that how cool they were. Have you ever thought that you should get one? You may hesitate that it is not for you as an office worker, and you do not have time for riding it. Actually, you are wrong. It is perfect for office workers.

Here I recommend you Possway T2 electric skateboard. Possway T2 got quite nice reviews and feedback from reviewers and customers so far.

Possway T2 electric skateboard is perfect for office workers

 Are you tired of being trapped in the cube black and white office and doing the same old same old work? Do you want to be trapped in the car or crowded subway after a long day?

Perfect Commute

One of the amazing things about electric skateboards is that they are a perfect commute that can meet your daily need for all short distances. Rang of the T2 electric skateboard is 18mi / 30km. And top speed is 29mph / 47kmh. The range and speed vary according to the road, slope, and rider's weight. But I am pretty sure that it is enough for you to go to work, supermarkets and somewhere else. You can ride it on the sidewalk which helps you get away from being late caused to traffic jams. Also, it saves you a lot of precious time and money.

Possway T2 electric skateboard is perfect for office workers

Mental Health

Another thing is that an electric skateboard can help people release tension and anxiety, and also decrease the bad mood caused by being trapped in the office and repeating doing the same old work the whole day. E-skating in the open air increases the release of endorphins, popularly known as the happiness hormone. In a simple word, it makes you happy and relaxed. The truck of T2 eskates is 945*235*130mm(37.2x 9.3x 5.1 inch. You can put it anywhere in your office before riding it back home. You can feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun on your skin. If you enjoy nature, It is definitely a good choice for you. Also riding it to explore some amazing and unknown places at the weekend, it could be a different fun and a real relax after a busy week. There are a lot of breathing-taken nature views and some surprising moments waiting for you.

Other Performance of the T2 Electric Skateboard

Possway T2 is a dual motor powered longboard, dual motor drive quad skateboard, it is easy to control, both satisfy the rider’s speedy desire and the freedom, also the deck buddy design, which could give you as much flexibility as you need. 90*54mm Shock-Absorbing Wheels, definitely big and very wide, offer a lot of traction and give you more comfortable and stable riding.

Possway T2 electric skateboard

The remote control is smartly designed and ergonomic. It is quite comfortable to hold in hand to the scroll wheel to accelerate or brake. Also, it is easy to switch between high medium and low speed which makes you get used to the different speeds control easily. One cool thing is there's a reverse functionality.


Possway T2 electric skateboard is perfect for office workers. You can trust it, one board with high quality and affordable price. If you are a beginner, it will make your practice easy and smooth. You will have a good start. If you are an experienced rider, give it a chance to show itself to you. it is worthy. There are more details about it: https://www.possway.com/products/t2.

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