Share some thoughts of mine after I get my first electric skateboard POSSWAY
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Share some thoughts of mine after I get my first electric skateboard

by May Chen on Apr 08, 2022

Share some thoughts of mine after I get my first electric skateboard

About days ago, I received my electric skateboard, I am so excited to get a ride with it, so I just jumped on it, and start to wax out the road. It gives me much pleasure and entertainment!


So here I wanna share some thoughts with you guys about how much I would love this board, so I ordered it about 7 days ago, and I test it last night.


electric skateboard 


Because I had a job about 5 miles away from home, and I very urgently need a commute vehicle that could give me a ride, saving my time, and saving money, so I just googled the best cheap electric skateboard on the internet, through websites and pages, I had a glance of Possway electric skateboard, and now I just new to eboard, I want a best efficient board which would not cost too much money of mine, so I choose Possway V4 electric skateboard.


electric skateboard


The package dimension of the electric skateboard is 955*265*175mm, and it weighs 7.7kg, my mom could carry it home for me when the package has arrived while I was working 5 miles away, so when I get off my work, I opened the box, I was totally excited, it was amazing, I ordered universe color, it was not too fleshy, but the color looks very cool, It got my hook on it.


I moved it onto the yard, and its clearance is very big, riding on the road won’t feel too bumpy, big thanks to its big clearance, its wheels are hub motor drove, which also is very powerful, the biggest pro of hub motor is that it never need to worry about belt snapping.


Move to the design of the eboard, I really like the design of the eletric skateboard, totally a big fan of it, it is a very sleek and compact design, a very decent skateboard, the whole board does not have too many visible wires you can see it through, only two wires nearby the wheels, this design is a very cool design of the electric skateboard.


I used to have an electric shortboard, which is very mini and small, but it was very fast, with its penny size it could run higher as 30km per hour, which is very unstable. Riding on an electric vehicle the stability factor is very important.


About the range, who has the average size of around 60 kg you got to take this electric skateboard, with your weight on a flat surface, even road, medium speed, you can go up to 10 miles, very suit for the daily commute. Let’s say traveling in the city or going to the park is the best choice! That’s a good performance.

 electric skateboard helmet

If you are new to electric skateboarding, if you are new to intermedia electric skateboarding, going high speed is not important to mention, really need to be aware of the safety, be sure that you are wearing a helmet!

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