The best electric skateboard in Germany
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The best electric skateboard in Germany

by May Chen on Jan 07, 2023


Followed the step of time, we stepped into college. As many of us know, collge students has many courses to take, we commute through class to class, from the dorm the home, study becomes an important things to do, so does the daily.

As our ages increase, the ablitiy we can navigate increased. We are allowed to  drive the car, we are allowed to drive electric skateboards, we are allowed to drive electric motorcycles. As myself, The budget plays a big role, electric skateboard is perfectly my budget. Also, in my college, their many students like me use electirc skateboard to commute everyday.


Which is the best electric skateboard in Germany

Take down the college student, you take down most of the market, as I lingle back from school, the famous electric skateboard is Possway T3. Let’s take a look of some of its performance.




Possway T3 Performance

  • 28 Mph Top Speed,Fastest in class.
  • 17-20 Miles Super range,Great for your daily commute.
  • 105mm shock-absorbing wheels for a more comfortable ride.
  • Ergonomic deck design for excellent turning control and easy to carve.
  • Great passability, adaptable to all kinds of terrain.
  • Max Load:330lbs / 150kg.
  • 1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maple .



Attractive price

The price is the most important facotr, most of the students having limited budget, can not afford a high price vehicle, their tend to choose the lower price, from the lower price, they want to choose the better performance.

Possway T3 sells at $499, sometimes they promote. Like New year promotion, Christmas promotion, Black Friday sale. If there’s special coupons also could be more attractive. Currently, here I applied a coupon for you, if you needed it, $15 off code: COOLBOARD.




Longer range

Long range is also the biggest consideration, less charging time, longer range would be more time saving. Possway T3 goes 18 miles in a single charge, 3.5 hours charge would be fully charged. 18 miles could totally commute for whole day.

Also, the battery could be swappable, with extra battery, the range could be double.


Shock Absorbing wheels

T3 paired with 105mm shock absorbing wheels. It could tackle with most of the bumpy road conditions. Also, with 105mm wheels, the experience would be much comfortable then small wheels.


Handy control remote

The remote conforms the ergonomics, Cleverly fits the curve of the hand, providing a friendly experience for your ride.




As the last, consider all the specs of possway T3, the attractive price, the perfect range, the absorbing wheels and handy control remote which I prefer to, I would definitely consider the Possway T3.

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