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Why do people choose electric skateboard as a commuting tool?

by May Chen on Apr 29, 2022

It is a new trend that more and more people use an electric skateboard as a commuting tool.
Let's go straight to the point:  Why do people choose it to be their commuting tool? How does it make our daily commute easier? Let's find the answers.

electric skateboard

1. Preclude you from traffic jams and save you time

People who live in big cities like New York and Los Angeles know well that being stuck in traffic is not fun! And more frustrating point is that you should have arrived at the company on time. But you are late because of a traffic jam. It is quite common for people to take an electric longboard skateboard as their main means of transportation, leaving cars or motorcycles behind. Electric skateboard's fast speed and control easily make going out easier for people. It precludes you from traffic jams by riding on pavement. You can ride it to work, the supermarket or the shops in your suburb. Also, the parking problem won't bother you anymore.  It brings you more convenience and saves your time. This is one of the imperative reasons why people choose it.

2. Save your money

Do you have any idea how much you spend on a car per month, including the average costs for car payments, gas, car insurance, parking, and replacement parts? Recent research shows that having a car costs roughly $5,264.58 every year in the USA. An electric skateboard totally meets your daily commute. All you need to do is to charge it fully. To a large extent, it saves you a lot of money.
electric skateboard

3. Good for your mental health

Are you tired of being trapped in the cube black and white office? Do you want to be trapped in the car again after a long day? One of the best things about electric skateboards is that they can help people release tension and anxiety. E-skating in the open air increases the release of endorphins, popularly known as the happiness hormone. The feeling of the breeze on your face and the warmth of the sun on your skin is priceless. Also, there are a lot of breathing-taken nature views and some surprising moments waiting for you. It would be nice to see and feel a beautiful sunset after getting off work, is not it? It is definitely good for your mental health.

electric skateboard
4. Be part of a community and make friends

Riding an electric skateboard improves our social relationships. The electric skateboard community is a fascinating way to get to know people who share the same passion for e-skating as you and make friends with them. Talking about details of specific skills, hanging out in some park and practicing together, exploring some unknown place and so on, how wonderful those things are!

5. Super friendly to the environment

You know what I am gonna say next. The environmental problem is not a new topic. We all know how it affects our environment if there are more and more cars. Electric skateboards will help a lot.


Maybe there are more reasons why people choose it as a commuting tool. But the above five points can tell us that the electric skateboard is a good and convenient commuting tool. It's worth your trying.

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