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How to maintain electric skateboard

How to maintain your electric skateboard

by Sarah Wu on Dec 25, 2021

How to maintain your electric skateboard well

For all these years, we got a few emails for help, such as how to maintain the electric skateboard, how to change the battery of the electric skateboard, how to replace the hub motor wheels for the electric skateboard, etc...

So we are a professional electric skateboard company and as a professional electric skateboard player, here we bring you the basic protection of the electric skateboard: how to protect your electric skateboard.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     electric skateboard                      


In order for us to get a better understanding of the electric skateboard, we need to know the component parts of the electric skateboard.

Take our V4 electric skateboard as an example, it’s made by maple deck and trucks, and normal wheels, hub motor wheels, battery, and ESC, and battery enclosure. Among all of these components, battery played a big role.



the battery of V4 electric skateboard

As you know that our V4 electric skateboard is used lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery Compare to traditional types of batteries, lithium battery has more advantages.

Lithium battery has high capacities, high voltages, high circulation life, but less volume, which is an energy-efficient and also convenient battery.


At low temperatures, the intercalation of lithium ions on the graphite electrode and the lithium plating reaction proceed simultaneously. Under cold conditions, the diffusion of lithium ions in graphite is inhibited and the conductivity of the electrolyte is reduced; as a result, the intercalation rate also decreases, this results in lithium plating occurring more easily on the graphite surface, and this accumulation leads to an increase in the thickness of the solid electrolyte interface. Assuming that the voltage remains constant and the discharge current decreases, the power output of the battery will also decrease thus resulting in a lower output. So it’s very important to keep the temperature moderate for the battery.


electric skateboard 


As for the deck, it is made of maple layers which makes it's rigid, s to keep it in a warmer place, would keep the deck more healthy. the one point you should pay attention to is that it has a weight limitation, V4 electric skateboard’s maximum load is 100kg, it's better to not break this figure, otherwise, it has the possibility to fall in parts.



The Truck is made of iron and stainless mixed metal, although it won’t be rot for a few couple years, still, it’s better to avoid water. Avoiding water also has benefits to the battery and ESC parts.


As said above, find a better place to preserve your electric skateboard is kind of an important thing, there is some advises for you.


electric skateboard



When you are not skating your electric skateboard, storing it in your warehouse is a nice choice, most people’s warehouse is dry and not too hot, of course there’s no water exist, also it is away from the fire and gas etc, dangerous elements, and normally it was locked on, kids won’t near to it easily, which is a perfect place for electric skateboard.




If you feel burdened to put your electric skateboard in your warehouse, putting it in your bedroom also is not a bad idea, the bedroom is some kind of private space, some kind of safe for the kids, kids won't use it without getting your permission.



Living room

If there’s enough space in your living room for your electric skateboard, it also is okay to put it the living room, but you should keep an eye on it when there’s kids around, because it is electric skateboard which has fast speed, kids should ride it with the guidense of the adults, and should wear protection gears as helmet, knee pads, wrist pads, etc.


That’s it, we hope that you’ll keep your electric skateboard very safe.

Merry Christmas~

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