Air Grove, Electric Skateboard Remote Control POSSWAY
Air Grove, Electric Skateboard Remote Control POSSWAY
Air Grove, Electric Skateboard Remote Control POSSWAY
Air Grove, Electric Skateboard Remote Control POSSWAY
Air Grove, Electric Skateboard Remote Control POSSWAY

Air Glove, Electric Skateboard Remote Control ( For Possway V4 pro / T2 / T3 /Meepo /Teamgee and all LY-FOC ESC)

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Electric Skateboard Air Glove Remote Reviews

A new control experience

When an accidental fall occurs, we subconsciously use our open palms for support. Skateboard remote gloves were developed and designed based on this habit, accelerating when the fingers are clenched, and braking and decelerating when the fingers are opened.

Not Only For POSSWAY

Suitable for many brands of electric skateboards, meepo, teamgee, etc.

4 Speed Mode

The speed mode of different gears can be set freely, and the maximum speed depends on your skateboard. Compatible with POSSWAY T2, POSSWAY T3, POSSWAY V4 PRO, Meepo, Teamgee, etc.

Smooth Speed Control

Control the acceleration or deceleration of the skateboard by opening or closing your fingers. Excellent motherboard programming means that the whole process is very smooth without frustration.

Available in 3 Sizes

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ryan Gorzkowski
Something Else.

The Glove is everything you're looking For..I enjoy the Simplicity of the Trumbwheel RC. But The Air glove Gives Full Power Control at the Tip of the Finger! Within minutes i Figured out the Sensitivity and have been Pro on it for 2 days now! It's Worth it! Possway is Worth it!


I received my air glove three days ago and immediately gave it a try. I took a tumble at first, but after about half an hour of practice, I got the hang of it! It's incredibly fun and the design is both stylish and comfortable. Riding with the glove feels like a natural extension of your hand. It's adjustable and fits snugly, so it won't slip or feel loose while riding.

Easy to control, remote revolution

While Possway contact me that I was given a free air remote, I was fabulously intrigued.
It is easy to learn and control, you'll feel more flexible when you are with the remote, I think this is gonna on fire this year.


I was a little hesitant at first, but this is a great addition to your Possway board! It has great control over my T3. It made my board more responsive in all aspects & brought out the best in it, after pushing the board to all limits even battery life seems to be better. In addition, I felt safer because now both hands are free. I highly recommend the Air Glove. I'm currently saving for a Lynx, can't wait to test it with that.
Possway definitely got it right with this one. 5 stars from me.



Smart LCD
wireless remote

Battery charger
adapter 2A

Micro USB
charging cable

Skateboard T Tool

Skateboard Y Tool

User manual

Li-Ion Battery