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how to choose the right electric skateboard for yourself?

by Sarah Wu on Feb 25, 2022

how to choose the right electric skateboard for yourself?

Recently, the popularity of electric skateboards increased dramatically, it is because these e-skateboards can go really fast and come with some attractive features. Does electric skateboard dangerous on the pavements? The answer is yes, but also it depends on the rider’s choice of the e-boards, So how to choose the right electric skateboard for yourself?



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Electric skateboard has many kinds of types, such as all-terrain electric skateboards, gas-powered skateboards, hub motor wheels electric skateboards, mini skateboard, electric skateboards for beginners, electric skateboards for youth, etc. The different skateboard has different performance and features, so do different skating skills required, which also means the dangerous riding factors are not the same. So the choice of the e-skateboards infects the safety on the road, so how to choose the electric skateboard for yourself? The answer is It depends on your riding skill and your level.


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If you are a beginner for e-skateboards, you should choose electric skateboards that are specifically made for beginners, that means the boards are very entry-level friendly, only made for beginners, many of the dangerous factors will be restrained, the electric skateboards function will be customized only for beginners. Here Skateboarder Eddie recommends an e-skateboard called Possway T3. Possway T3 electric skate is a specially customized off road board made for beginners, born to be ridden for the beginners.


 electric skateboard



The reason for beginners to choose Possway T3

The reason for you to choose Possway T3, has many, such as below:

  • skateboard remote control smoothly, cooperate with its ESC 2.0, present linear acceleration speed control system, the speed won't surge in a sudden to a very quick and dangerous speed, or plummet in a sudden to a very slow speed, absolutely the best beginner electric skateboard.


  • flex battery package supports flexible battery pack switch, best 7.8 amp 18650 lithium battery attached, which could support the super range that you need the most, made Possway T3 the most electric ranger in 2022.


  • shock absorbing wheels, which are designed based on the conventional cloud wheels hub motor, Possway’s shock absorbing wheels absorb the vibration to a great extent, which means to a skate beginner, Possway T3 is very safe. Also, T3 supports 90mm hub motor replacement wheels, beginners could adjust it under personal thoughts.





The vital factor for a skate beginner

When I was a skate beginner, I have tried many types of skateboards as I can found, Possway’s T3 is the final electric skateboard I take. From the beginning until now, I still love it. And how to choose an electric skateboard? The safety factor is always the thoughts you should keep in minds.

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