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Possway T2 VS WowGo 3 - Which is the best for you?

by E-skateboard Possway on Mar 12, 2021

Possway launched T2 as soon as it was founded. It has stable performance, and its hardware is somehow equivalent to or even better than those of $500 level electric skateboards, but the price is much cheaper. T2 has attracted everyone's attention and is gradually accepted by the market.

WowGo 3 is WowGo’s best-selling electric skateboard and was once rated as the best budget board by its users. Without a doubt, WowGo 3 was once a killer budget board. But, in 2021, will it still be competitive? How does it compare with Possway T2? Which is the best for you?



When it comes to budget boards, the most important thing is the price.

Let's take a look at the latest prices of these two products:

Possway T2: $449

WowGo 3 (6.0A): $449

WowGo 3(8.0A): $499

Referring to price, Possway T2 is indeed very competitive in terms of price. But besides the price, does Possway T2 have better performance than WowGo 3?

Here is a chart of comparison. Since WowGo 3 has two specifications, we mainly compare its 6.0A model.

Possway T2 VS WowGo 3
Product Possway T2 WowGo 3 (6.0A)
Price $449  $449 
Battery Capacity 280wh 216wh
Advertised Range 21 miles 12-14 miles
Top Speed 26mph / 42kmph 24mph / 39kmph
Deck 5-layer Canadian maple and 2-layer fiberglass Bamboo+Fiber Glass Deck
Grip Tape 3mm Shock Absorbing No Shock Absorbing
Trucks Possway Trucks Paris Front truck
Hub Motors 2*480w unkown
Shipping to the US Local Fast Shipping: 2-7 days (Free) Standard Shipping: 25-35 days (Free)
Fast Shipping: 7-16 days ($66)


Range and Top Speed

In general, you'll get more range on Possway T2 rather than WowGo 3 because it has a larger battery capacity, but how much mileage you can get depends on many factors: such as road conditions, your weight, riding speed, etc. WowGo 3 can reach 39km/24mph, Possway T2 can reach 42km/26mph.

Possway T2 electric skateboard


Deck and Truck

Possway T2 deck is made out of 5 layers of Canadian Maple and 2 layers of fiberglass,WowGo 3 deck is made out of bamboo and fiberglass.

The T2 deck is stiffer than WowGo 3. Canadian maple deck is stronger and more durable, the bamboo deck is more flexible and less durable. Besides the material of the deck, Possway T2 uses a 3mm Shock Absorbing grip tape which can help to reduce the vibration while riding. Which deck to choose depends on your personal preference.

WowGo 3 uses Paris V2 front truck, and it indeed helps to transcend the riding experience to another level. Possway uses its in-house-made trucks, it performs pretty well if you ride. There is not much difference between them.



Possway T2: The ESC and Battery are housed in an aluminum alloy enclosure which is great for heat dissipation, keeping your electronics at an optimal temperature to ensure you get the best performance possible.

WowGo 3: The enclosure is made out of plastics, not aluminum. WowGo said it is a strong plastic and it certainly felt like it.

WowGo 3 electric skateboard



The wheels on WowGo 3 are 90mm and rated at 78A, while Possway T2 wheels are 90mm and rated at 82A. 70A-85A can be good for offering a smoother ride or cruising. 80A-90A can be good for slides 90A-101A+ are good for tricks and skateparks. The softer the wheel the smoother the ride will be over rough terrain. The harder the wheel the faster it will go and often the easier it will slide.


ESC (Acceleration and braking)

WowGo 3 uses a customized version of the Hobbywing ESC. Hobbywing ESC delivers great smooth acceleration and deceleration. Possway ESC is a little bit stronger on acceleration and braking, it has 4 braking modes, B1 is the smoothest while B4 is the strongest.


Shipping (To the US)

Possway offers free fast shipping for US orders, delivery is around 2-7 days.

WowGo 3 is out of stock in the US warehouse, you have to wait for it to be shipped from China, Free shipping takes 25-35 days, Air shipping takes 7-16 days, but there’s a $66 shipping fee.



Overall, both boards are good enough, and which one is best for you depends on what you want, range, top speed, deck, wheels, or fast shipping time. But in terms of overall performance, T2 has more advantages than W3, especially for beginners. That’s why T2 is becoming more and more popular as an entry level budget electric skateboard.

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