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What Could You Do to Protect the Deck and Truck of Your Electric Skateboard?

by Charlie Mu on Nov 03, 2022

When standing on an electric skateboard, the deck and trucks are the main components that support the weight of the rider. They are the backbones of an electric skateboard. With sturdy decks and trucks, riders are allowed to skate confidently and safely. As the focus of stress testing, they are very durable and unlikely to break. However, as decks and trucks are not unbreakable, you still need to be careful with them, no matter how sturdy they are. Sever forces can easily damage the deck and trucks of an electric skateboard. The deck is the largest part of an electric skateboard, so a broken deck usually means that the whole skateboard is very damaged. It's then important for riders to take care of the deck and trucks of their electric skateboard.

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What Could You Do?

The decks and trucks of the Possway electric skateboards have been subjected to high temperature and high-strength stress testing, and they have been tested for pressure resistance of 150kg before they leave the factory. The deck will not shatter until it is subjected to high-altitude falls and heavy impacts. It is not immune to damage, and some really high-level tricks, such as an ollie higher than 0.5 meters, can severely destroy the deck.

In order to prevent accidentally breaking the deck of your electric skateboard, difficult bouncing movements should not be performed. After all, it is an electric device, which is less flexible than a traditional skateboard. With all the electronic parts like batteries and motors, electric skateboards are more vulnerable to damage, so it's dangerous to do some difficult movements that you like to do with traditional skateboards.

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Not applying braking in time in an emergency can also lead to the deck being destroyed by cars and put riders in danger. To avoid this from happening, slow down or stop riding on a road with many people and vehicles. In case of an emergency, please make a pre-judgment in advance to slow down and brake. The length of the decks also affects their durability. Longer decks are also less prone to breaking than shorter decks. They are less stiff than shorter decks, hence less likely to break, and have a higher weight limit than shorter decks.

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Weight Limit of Electric Skateboard

It's important to check the weight limit of an electric skateboard. Sadly, for heavy riders, the majority of good electric skateboard brands don't offer skateboards that can carry more than 100kg, which is 220lbs. The Possway electric skateboards generally have a max load of 150kg, which is 330lbs. Exceeding this limit can greatly affect the performance of the skateboard and increase the risk of accidents and danger. Too much load on an electric skateboard will make it bulky. The skateboard will be hard to move and similarly hard to brake. It greatly increases the potential of accidents, as it is very vital for skaters to be able to brake immediately on the road, especially when something unexpected happens and the skateboard needs to stop running. As mentioned before, not applying braking in time in an emergency is very dangerous and can break the deck. Additional weight can even crack and break decks and trucks, wasting money and time.

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