Beginners electric skateboard under 500 Possway T3
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Beginners electric skateboard under 500 Possway T3

by May Chen on Aug 15, 2022

Electric skateboards have explosively raised in the market in recent years, the trends just the same as the flowers blooming in the spring, various types gradually desiring the charming eyes. It brings rich options for riders while confusing a man at the same time.


Eddie has been skating for years, my preference is safety, powerful, fastest, durable, quality product. Today I will share a best electric commuting option for you to choose.

Beginners electric skateboard under 500 Possway T3

Which is the best electric skateboard for beginners?

As a first-timer skateboard rider, you should look for special features that ensure your safety in the first place. Then comes the performance and quality. Here are the top priority features that you ought to look for when purchasing your first skateboard.

 Beginners electric skateboard under 500 Possway T3

Safety Features

Skateboards come with different safety features—for example, waterproof surfaces, anti-slipping, and concave tails for stability. The more features the board has, the better for beginners.



Controls mean the ability of the rider to control the acceleration, braking, and throttle. Beginners should have maximum control over the skateboard. Also, the remote controller should be easy to use.



As a beginner, you don’t need a very high-speed skateboard. In fact, you shouldn’t go too fast for your safety. So, consider a moderate speed skateboard with 12 mph. If you prefer higher-speed skateboards, then go for adjustable speed options to start with the low speeds at the beginning.

 Beginners electric skateboard under 500 Possway T3

Which is the beginners electric skateboard under 500?

Beginners electric skateboard under 500 Possway T3

Electronic Speed Control: LingYi ESC


Deck: 37” inch drop deck, W concave, 1-ply bamboo, 8-ply maple, medium flex


Battery: 7.8 Ah, 10s3p


Marketed Range: 17 miles / 28 km


Motors: 500 W * 2 dual hub


Marketed Top Speed: 32 mph or 52 km/h


Trucks: Non-branded, 45° Caliber clone


Wheels: 105 mm Cloudwheel Donuts clone


Possway T3 uses a 37” drop deck with a nice W-concave to keep your feet comfortable. The deck is made out of 1-ply bamboo and 8-ply maple with a medium flex. Flip it over and you’ll see a dual plastic enclosure housing a LingYi electronic speed controller and the big 7.8 Ah 10s3p configured battery.


This battery adds up to 280.8 watt-hours and has a marketed range of 17 miles or 28 km. We put it to the test and our 210 lbs or 95 kg riders only got 11 miles or 18 km out of riding it at full speed.


As for the trucks, Possway T3 uses non-branded ones that look like a Caliber clone. These are 45-degree trucks that come in tight. The wheels are 105 mm Cloudwheels Donut clones. These wheels are great for absorbing road vibrations.


The dual 500W motors, on the other hand, advertise 28 mph or 46 km/h top speed. Sometimes it could reaches 29-30 miles with good techniques,


As a beginner board, Possway T3 is absolutely a premium board, with all the cloudwheels on the markets, the price is absolutely worth the price $499, most of the customers said they spent hours researching and buying and selling boards until they found this one. This is the only board in the price range that delivers the range, speed, and deck quality that this board does.


People really got a very good experience with it, customer service also be cool.So which is the Best beginners electric skateboard under 500: Possway T3!


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