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Can an Electric Skateboard Go Uphill?

by Charlie Mu on Nov 25, 2022

An electric skateboard looks very similar to a traditional skateboard but is very different in terms of riding experience. Being basically a normal skateboard with a battery and electric motors, an electric skateboard can move and swerve around effortlessly. With the easy maneuverability and effortless riding experience, a popular use of electric skateboards is for commuting. Will it be easier for people who live in a hilly area to commute using an electric skateboard? In theory, with the help of electric motors, it should be easier to climb hills using an electric skateboard.

Can an electric skateboard go uphill? The climbing capability of an electric skateboard depends on many factors. This article will discuss what affects the ability of an electric skateboard to go uphill below.


The Gradient of the Hill

skating on bridge

The gradient of the hill, also known as the steepness of the hill, is the most important factor to consider when climbing a hill using an electric skateboard. Instead of the hill degree, most electric skateboard brands state the hill grade of a slope that their electric skateboards are able to climb. What is hill grade? It is calculated in the same way as the hill degree is, by dividing the height of a slope by the horizontal range, but in percentages rather than degrees. Therefore, 10% grade equals 5.7 degrees.

For most people, an electric skateboard that can climb slopes of 10%-20% hill grade is enough, which the majority of good quality electric skateboards are able to achieve. A budget electric skateboard such as Possway V4 Pro can climb slopes of 20% hill grade. An electric skateboard with belt drive that has more power, such as Possway Lynx, can climb slopes of 48% hill grade.


Motor Power

Motor power is an important factor that determines the climbing capabilities of an electric skateboard. High motor power can lead to higher climbing capabilities of an electric skateboard. For most people, an electric skateboard with a motor power of 150W-350W is sufficient for daily usage. Possway electric skateboards have a minimum motor power of 800W, which is more than enough for most riders.


Battery Capacity

electric skateboard close up battery

An electric skateboard with high motor power requires high battery capacity. The battery will also discharge more quickly while climbing a steep slope. Therefore, it is essential for you to preserve battery power using various riding strategies so that you have sufficient power to climb hills.


Weight of Rider

Same as electric bikes and scooters, the weight of a rider is essential to consider when riding an electric skateboard uphill. The heavier the rider, the harder for an electric skateboard to go uphill. On standard electric skateboards, riders up to 70 kg may accelerate uphill swiftly. A rider above 80 kg is suggested to get an e-skateboard of superior quality.


electric skateboard at dawn


It's apparent that skating on a windy day or a sunny day will affect the climbing capabilities of an electric skateboard. Because most electric skateboards are not waterproof, riding an electric skateboard in the rain is extremely risky, let alone climbing hills on an electric skateboard in the rain.

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