Christmas is coming! Electric scooter is on sale! POSSWAY
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Christmas is coming! Electric scooter is on sale!

by Sarah Wu on Dec 13, 2021

electric scooter: revolutionizer of the dreaded commute

We’ve all been there…it’s morning, the alarm is screaming around your ear, but last night you have a nice movie on hand, you want to finish it, you stay up last, so you don’t want to get up, so you are still lying on your bed, until the last minute, but the result always is that How can you get there in time!


Expensive public transport would make your heartbreak and struggle, because the reason that you work is for making money, not spending money, and still it might encounter a traffic jam, that the bus or taxi can’t move, block the way out, still, you will be late.

Or frantic jogging, this one would exhaust you for a whole day, with the bag you take with you, it's heavy makes you unhappy, also you might go through some uneven road, that would hurt your ankles, all these things happened made you even want to be mad at yourself, still you will be tired a little, to be late is much more possible.

But what if there were a different way? That it could save your time and won’t be late anyway?

Enter the electric scooter: revolutionizer of the dreaded commute.




Possway electric scooter under Long years  design and trial

Over the last few years, We’ve reviewed a wide variety of scooters and a massive database of 100+ models, under thoughtful design and process, and trial, we finally released our own electric scooter.

Of all the scooters we made, are light, compact, can be folded, and have the perfect blend of speed, range, and ride quality to make your commute more enjoyable (especially if you are wanting to stay safe from COVID and plan to avoid public transport).




Possway Folding Electric Scooter X8

electric scooter

 10 inches, LCD display with Battery level, Distances, Speed mode.

  • Max range: 35-45km ( 21.7-28 miles)
  • Max Speed: 25km/h  ( 15.5 mph)
  • Open size: 1083*420*1186mm ( 42.6x16.5x46.7 inches )
  • Max load: 100kg ( 220 lbs )
  • Net weight: 17kg  ( 37.5 lbs)




Possway Electric Scooter X7

electric scooter

Possway electric scooter 8.5 inch, LCD display with Battery level, Distances, Speed mode, enjoy your travel on campus and daily commute. 

  • Max range: 15-25km ( 9.3-15.5 miles)
  • Max Speed: 32km/h (19.8 mph)
  • Open size: 1083*420*1186mm (42.6x16.5x46.7 inches)
  • Max load: 100kg (220 lbs)
  • Net weight: 13kg (28.6 lbs)



Q2 Electric Scooter For Kids Ages 6-12

electric scooter for kids

Q2 Electric Scooter for Kids Ages 6-12,  Lightweight and Foldable, 5" Tires, UL Certified - Best Gifts for Boys & Girls.   NEW PLAYMATE FOR KIDS - Powered by 120W 5-inch motor, POSSWAY Q2 kids electric scooter can reach a top.


 Today we introduce three types of scooters for you, let's go shopping now!



Eletric Skateboards

Regular price 3 170 SEK
Sale price 3 170 SEK Regular price
Regular price 4 306 SEK
Sale price 4 306 SEK Regular price
Regular price 5 669 SEK
Sale price 5 669 SEK Regular price