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Safety Tips for Electric Skateboard Beginners

by Charlie Mu on Nov 11, 2022

Are you new to electric skateboards? Do you want to give it a shot? With the rise of electric vehicles and the growing need to reduce traffic and carbon emissions, more and more people are considering using electric skateboards as a way of transportation. Compared to electric bikes and scooters, e-skateboards seem more susceptible to accidents and danger. It's smaller, more portable, and can move very quickly, over 60kph.

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Being just a deck with electronic parts, electric skateboards don't provide much protection for riders if they are involved in car accidents. Therefore, people may be hesitant to ride an electric skateboard, as for most people, safety is the most important. However, when riding carefully with preparation, an electric skateboard can offer an exciting and fun ride while still providing enough safety. How to ride an electric skateboard safely as a beginner, then?


Wear Protective Gears

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Always use safety equipment such as wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and, most importantly, an electric skateboard helmet. Because electric skateboards are still a relatively new phenomenon, there is little data on accidents caused by electric skateboards. Take a look at incidents involving electric bikes and scooters; the majority of fatalities are caused by not wearing a helmet. It is then important to remember to wear protective gear whenever you ride.


Improve Your Skills

The more skilled you are with your electric skateboard, the more control you have over it, and thus the less likely you are to run into accidents. If you have experience with traditional skateboards before, riding electric skateboards will be a breeze. The riding experience will be pretty similar; all you need to do is get familiar with the pace and remote control. For beginners, an electric skateboard is much easier to learn than a traditional skateboard. It won't take long to improve your skills; you just need a little practice.


Maintain Your Electric Skateboard Regularly

It's important to clean and check your electric skateboard on a regular basis to avoid unexpected malfunctions. As stated in the electric skateboard cleaning guide, dirty grip tape can reduce the resistance between your foot and the deck, making it easier for riders to fall. Muddy bearings can affect the spinning of the wheels and produce scraping noises, making the skateboard harder to control, which will be very dangerous if an accident occurs unexpectedly. To avoid accidents and extend the life of your electric skateboard, it is crucial to inspect it before each ride and to clean it briefly after each ride.


Light Your Night

If you need to commute using an electric skateboard at night, then it's necessary to equip front lights and rear lights on your electric skateboard. Riding at night without light is extremely dangerous as it will be very hard for others to notice your existence. It's also compulsory in many countries to have lights on your skateboard if you want to ride in on the road.


Stay Vigilant

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Beginners should be OK as long as they follow the safety requirements and keep vigilant on the road. No matter how fast your electric skateboard can go, it's best to start slow as a beginner to reduce the possibility of accidents.

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