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Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

by May Chen on May 20, 2022

 This is an article about the best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022, which is only experiential oriented, none of these companies compensate me, and I bought all the skateboards secretly from their official website and did the review all on my own. Just to be clear, the main purpose is to let you know which one is the best enter-level electric skateboard, without any advertising percolate.



Possway T2 electric skateboard -Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

The best entry-level electric skateboard with powerful motors- Possway T2

Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

Possway T2 is the best seller eboard in the year 2020, most youtube influencers all have one Possway T2 on hand. T2 is famous for its high-power motor, flex deck, and comforter ride, but today, the skateboard I recommended is their 2022 version.

2022 version was designed based on the Possway T2 2021version’s marketing data, Possway released their T2 2022 version with a wholly upgrade, and capacity optimization, the current one is a new advanced eboard with a more powerful hub motor. The ESC 2.0 offers smooth signal transmission, and the big capacity of the battery reaches the farther range, up to now, I didn’t hear any converse reviews on the internet, which kind of tells us the quality of the electric skateboard. If you want an entry-level skateboard at a lower price, Possway T2 is a good choice.


Let’s have a look at its featured merits:

Top Speed:26mph /  43kph, Wheels:90*54mm,85 resilience, SHR83A (Shock-Absorbing Wheels), its internal motors are 90mm, which are labeled as the ideal wheels for an electric skateboard for all the terrains as it provides both the powerful ride and the controllability during the ride.

Range: 30-35km / 18-21miles (The range varies according to the road, slope, and rider's weight ), Battery:280.8wh,7.8Ah,42V,10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery,  with its battery capacity, in a normal speed, it could rreach21 miles range.

Deck:1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maple, the deck is the most important components for the electric skateboard, T2 was crafted by 8 ply Canadian maples and 1 ply bamboo which both offer the utmost flexibility and sturdy.

as an electric skateboard under $500, I strongly recommendPossway T2.




Possway V4 electric skateboard -Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

This is a classic electric skateboard of Possway, much cheaper than T2, automated on and off, it is very appropriate for the new entry-level skateboarder, it is the perfect skateboard that is extremely affordable.

The price is only $279 and as you’ll see further into this review, it is amazing value for money. EASY USE WIRELESS REMOTE -Tremendous simple to make use of wi-fi distant to manage pace, brake, reverse. Distant vary is so far as 15 yards. Distant expenses to full time are only 1 hour.




Black Hawk Electric Street Series V3 -

-Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022


Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

What makes the Black Hawk Electric Street Series V3 unique is its belt-free torque hub motors. Most electric skateboards are driven using a traditional belt motor (basically a fan belt) but Black Hawk’s 400W (each) hub motors are housed inside the rear polyurethane wheels.

This design has its pros and cons. An exposed belt can be destroyed by the type of debris you’re likely to hit on the sidewalk; twigs, rocks, and the like. In fact, one of my coworkers had that exact problem with their Evolve GT. Keeping the motor protected inside each wheel more or less eliminates that threat. There’s a small grill on each wheel but the opening isn’t big enough to allow anything too nasty in. It’s an incredibly innovative design and would be a deciding factor for some but there are a couple of issues with the design.

The polyurethane rim on the rear wheels is also a little fragile. Thanks to the motor taking up the bulk of the back wheels, you don’t get the full poly body of the front wheels, but rather a thin wheel “skin” that’s only a few millimeters thick.

The slower speed options might seem a little useless for experienced riders, but they are perfect for beginners taking their first battery-powered ride.




Caroma electric skateboard -Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

The CAROMA Cruiser is a standard skateboard that has been designed for the street. With its 70mm wheels, this board offers an easy and smooth ride across any surface. It comes with urethane bushings and includes finger extenders so you can lock your fingers in when riding downhill or through rough terrain. A kicktail makes it simple to trick on this deck while giving you stability during freestyle maneuvers.

I found 7 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the CAROMA Cruiser 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average, which means I would highly recommend it!




Meepo V4 electric skateboard -Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

Top 5 best electric skateboard under $500 in 2022

Meepo states clearly on their Shuffle V4 page that this board is “The Electric Skateboard That Everyone Should Own”. The V4 also brings the top speed of Meepo’s flagship offering up to 29mph, enabling the rider to make quick sprints over a wider variety of elevations than most other hub boards. The Shuffle is able to climb over a 30% incline, which will enable many riders to traverse their local roads and paths with ease. A refreshed design on both the board and the remote set this board apart from Meepo’s other boards and the competition, and it’s nice to see the board treated as a truly new iteration of their flagship line.

The V4 offers smooth, strong acceleration offered by the new 620w hub motors.  The board does tackle hills better than mot hub boards and has offered great high-speed stability, avoiding speed wobbles in excess of 25mph.

As an electric skateboarder, Meepo V4 indeed is a good choice.


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