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Awesome Electric Skateboard!!!

My 10 year old loves this board!!!!


I bought this skateboard for my 8 year old son for his birthday. There was a part that needed repair, I contacted them via email with pictures and within a few days they shipped me an entirely new skateboard! Amazing customer service! Great product.


It was just really great, easy to control. The speed is gradual and it was so easy to learn. I love it so much!


I'm in college so this board caught my eye immediately and it's great! I am never late to class, and I have more time to get things done rather than spend that time walking.

My girlfriend needed it

I got her a board for her birthday she loved it but she was so amped up after her first ride she left her controller on her car and she drove off it was definitely nice to be able to find


This is one of the best E-Longboards I have. This is a great product.


Incredible electric skateboard! So quiet, sounds like a Tesla when riding. Actually gets up to quite a decent speed and breaks are phenomenal. Overall quality skateboard definitely bang for your buck.

Aggressive riders beware, serious injury design flaw

Great board and have enjoyed it. As you’ll notice most long boards and skateboards have the wheels covered up with some sort of fender for low decks like this or standard decks higher than the wheels. These wheels are exposed. Doing a front to back shift the wheel caught my right foot pulled it under the board and snapped my ankle. I was going at higher speed and I’m a larger rider with big feet. Anybody with size 10 or larger feet should be aware of this danger. Won’t give up riding the board, but Will be looking into other brands that have below deck and vendors or higher deck the covers a board.

Love it

Was skeptical at first, but I ride this daily and love this board!

Fantastic Skateboard for the Price

I'm very impressed with this board! I looked around for the most power I could find at the best price. This board has dual motors and handles low grade hills well and doesn't break the bank.

It's not crazy fast, but that's okay. I wouldn't want to go faster than top speed anyways. I'm 6'5" and 205 pounds and it handles my weight with ease. It's my first board but I will likely get more in the future. Possway has impressed me!

Great bang for the buck

My 13 year old son loves it. Easy to ride and has that speed he likes but has high, med and low speed to help learn. Remote works great although its not made of real sturdy plastic so i can see possible issues if dropped. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Was shipped and delivered within a week.

Possway V4 Electric Skateboard
James Walker hi I've
My girl loves it!

My girlfriend loves it. She wanted a electric mountain board for her birthday, but she hasn't ever rode an electric skateboard so I suggested she start with something more for beginner. the price was right for a beginner board, but this seems like way more than just a cheap beginner board. I rode it and I weigh 175. It had no problem pushing me up a little hill. If you're on the rocks about going with this company don't be. They shipped it out quickly and it arrived within 3 days. I will probably be picking up one for myself so I can do this with her. It is a lot of fun and I know she enjoys it. Too bad This company doesn't have all terrain mountain boards as well otherwise I'd be getting one of those from this company when she is ready for it.


I was new to electric longboards (boosted boards) and this was the first one I got, this was the cheapest and highest rated board that I could find, with the best quality. After receiving the board, I confirmed this was an accurate assessment, the board rides well, handles speed well (I have recorded myself going 20 MPH on the board and it was handling this well), the brake is a possible life-saver and definitely comes in handy (yet to fly down the street just to get hit by an oncoming car), naturally I will mention, the board is pretty heavy, but I spend most of my time riding it, not holding it. Although it is expensive, in my opinion it is worth the money, especially if you are interested in boosted boards, I am excited to take it to my college campus next semester.

Love it

Released videos on it. Love it. Well built.

Love it

Battery is pretty nice and i like the acceleration and brakes overall i give it a 5 out of 5

The anticipation is building

I just bought one of these boards and I’m really excited for it to get here I have a couple hills I want to try with this bad boy

Possway T2 Electric Skateboard
Jean Farel Nguemtchouang
It’s a really nice board

I have this board for almost 3 months and it still have a lot of power after riding it a lot. it’s really useful for getting around town and pretty much anywhere and it helps me to travel fast when i’m in a rush. I’ve done approximately 1 020 km (633.8 miles) before my wheels broked and with the new PU sleeves it works just like new. I’m always on H+ and when I ride uphill and downhill and I do about 20 km of range (12.4 miles). When I’m mostly on flat i do about 26 km of range (16.2 miles) so it’s pretty good considering the fact that I’m using more power. the only issue i have with this board is the metal parts of the motors which are exposed because sometimes it gets scratched on the sidewalk or things on the road and mine have a lot of scratches now. Overall it’s really a great board for the price!

Great Product!

I bought this as a birthday present to myself. It was a bit of a splurge, but I did a lot of research and felt okay about going with the T2. And I have not been disappointed! It is loads of fun! This is my first longboard, let alone electric one. There’s a little bit of a learning curve obviously, but it wasn’t that bad. It’s great quality, and I’m excited to continue using it!


Amazing so far! Only had it a few weeks and have ridden it quite a bit and have had no problems. I was missing my t-tool in packaging but I have a few of those so it wasn’t an issue for me. Smooth braking and acceleration and great cushion. Would recommend and have recommended to people who have asked me about it.

I really recommend Possway

I bought the V4 for my 10 year old. It is smooth and really good for a beginner. The brakes are really smooth and the design offers a lot of confort to the rider. Room for good stand and possibilities to control the skateboard all the time. The clearance between the deck and the floor and the battery and the floor is really good to provide enough protection to the system. The wheels are good size and they feel smooth when riding it on the asphalt. The brakes are really easy to operate and safe.
As a parent I can recommend this as a safe option for responsible kids.
I will buy another one again.

Thank you Possway.

I just ordered the V4

I just ordered the V4 e board and i hope it arrives soon because it looks fun to ride

Best bday gift

Great board

i would of give it 5 stars but when i received it it was missing my T tool...exept that the board itself is very good quality its my first E board and i love it great speed and handling the brake are smooth i recommended it for the price its very good thanks

Battery already shorted

Got the board about a month ago. Been riding it each day. Put 178 miles on it. I weigh 205 pounds. Was working fine getting me to and from work and around town. Yesterday was pulling into work with half battery still left and it completely died on me and now won't start up or even charge. Very disappointed in this. Still weighting in customer service to get back to me but they are slow moving.

Was not disappointed

Ordered this board for my daughter to get to and from work on and she had a blast on it when we went on a vacation to Las Vegas. She cruised the Strip with ease. The speed, controllability and lifespan exceeds expectation! If the batteries die, it functions like a normal longboard. Thoroughly happy with the decision to buy from this company. Shipping was fast and easy to track and she loves the helmet too! The lights make us both feel safer when she’s traveling at night.

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