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  • Range:18mi / 30km *  
  • Top Speed:28mph / 46kmh * 
  • Max load:330lb / 150kg
  • Battery:280.8wh,7.8Ah,42V,10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery
  • Wheels:105*65mm,85 resilience,SHR78A (Shock-Absorbing Wheels)
  • Motors:500W*2 hub motors
  • Deck:1 ply bamboo and 8 ply Canadian maple


180 days warranty

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More Comfortable Riding, Better Carving

Long Range & Go Farther

  • 7800mAh, 280.8wh, 10S3P 18650 lithium battery pack, one single charge, 28-32km range ( 17-20miles ).
  • Top speed reaches 32mph / 52kph, great for daily commute or outdoor cruise.

* Range and top speed may vary due to factors such as weight, road, slope, temperature, battery, etc. No-load top speed 32mph, 70kg (154lb) rider test data, top speed 46km/h (28mph), at average speed 23.8km/h (14.8mph), mileage 30.2km (18.8mi).

Switchable Battery Double Mileage

Integrated battery module structure, quick detachable power interface, can be matched with multiple battery packs, easy, fast and safe battery replacement, unlimited battery life.


More Comfortable Riding

105mm shock-absorbing wheels, 56mm minimum ground clearance, great road passability, suitable for various terrains.

Powerful and Stable Hub Motor

Hub motor 2.0, upgraded version, 1000w provides sufficient power and stabilizes the wheels, reducing daily maintenance.

Unique Concavity Design

Unique concavity design with flexibility steering control,

1 Ply bamboo+ 8 ply Canadian maple combination keeps a low gravity, safe-surfing at high speed.

More Precise ESC Control

PSET ESC 2.0, marked by precision control and smooth steerage. Even for a beginner, can learned within 5 minutes.

best electric skateboard in 2022 

More  Functions

Regenerative Brake System

Supports brake energy conservation and converts energy to electricity for reuse.

Fast Charging

With POSSWAY 5A charger, it can achieve 1.5 hours charging and riding 28-32km (17-20miles).

Cruise Control Mode

Ride the skateboard to the specified speed, and turn on the cruise control mode through the remote control.

Intelligent Automatic Switch

Push forward the skateboard to auto-swith on.

Stationize the skateboard for 10 minutes to auto-swith off.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Glenn Johnson
Quality and Service

I received my board I was impressed at the quality of it packaging was nice. Just everything about it was top-of-the-line and for the price I couldn't find anything to Beat It. I do recommend this board I also wanted to mention that customer service is awesome. And I definitely will purchase this board again

Dakota Patrick
Issue with battery but great customer service

The board is awesome! I've had other boards but never with these kind of wheels. Its a great ride. I had an issue with the battery and messaged customer service. They were very quick with a response and offered to mail out another battery for free. Couldn't be happier with the company and their willingness to satisfy their customers. Shred on!

Holy torque batman!

Only had it for a week but so far super impressed! I've been a longboard fan for probably 15 years now. At 42 I prefer cruising these days as opposed to street skating a short board lol. So, as an adept rider I have to say this thing kinda scares the poop out of me haha! It's super fast and and super torque-y! In pro mode if you're not leaning in you're getting left behind. The only downside is of course the weight. It makes the board not as agile as a regular long board. No nose lifting on this bad boy. I'm hoping adjusting the trucks will give me a better turn radius without a death wobble at higher speeds. Time will tell. it! You won't regret it!

Azlan (azi) Ahmad
👍Awesome e board🛹

Awesome e board for its price and how it runs is very neat! Little stiff and it sometimes doesnt push as thurly up the hills but still as smooth and lasts a good amount on the road 🛣️

judney st jean
This board is amazing

My only complaint about this board is the wheels. They’re not made to go over every terrain, as you can feel one terrain more than the next, as if the wheels were basic wheels.. upgrading the wheels might be help tho.

Michael Pratts
Sick First Board!!

I’ve been longboarding and skateboarding for years but could never get the speed I wanted for daily commute, flat streets, or just for fun. This thing was a great first jump into electric boards after years of wanting one!! So happy with the board, wheels are incredible too, never have to worry about pebbles or cracks unless they’re boulders/canyons. Totally plan to keep this board in good condition for a long time.

Thank you Possway!

Carter Fowler

So I definitely love this board the battery gave me issues at first but I was able to fix it. The other thing the battery sits really low to the ground so I would watch speed bumps and big cracks. Other than that the speed is great loving that and so is the distance.

xavier valdez
First impressions are good

Considering the price of the board I was skeptical it could hit those speeds or range but although I haven't worked up the courage to accelerate past 20mph I can tell it's still got some extra power in reserve. I was also pleasantly surprised that I was actually able to hit 20.3 miles on this before the remote started vibrating on me as well. Granted since I'd never stepped on a board till the day prior I've only been riding in the 10-15mph range on average so I was going pretty slowly but given how often the manufacturer tends to over exaggerate specs I was still impressed I managed to hit 20 miles at all. For reference I'm about 5' 9" 165lbs and with clothing/gear I'm closer to about 180lbs. As for hills it tends to go up them with ease so long as you're already going at speed. The board will struggle up hills at a dead stop but will continue up them with little to no noticeable drop in speed if it's already going. At least on the hills I've tried so far. I don't have any particularly nasty pavement or concrete hills around me so my experience may be different than someone who lives in a more hilly area. As for maneuverability it's not the most agile thing though I think that's to be expected on a single kingpin longboard and that's probably preferable considering how fast it's capable of going since you probably want it to be stable. I noticed that one side was cranked down pretty hard which caused the bushing to be all mushroomed out so you might wanna check those when you get yours. As for ride quality I can't say much seeing how this is the first board I've been on but according to my friend it is smoother than his longboard cause it's got bigger and softer wheels though the deck is pretty stiff. Coming from scooters, bikes and eucs it feels pretty rough to me over regular sidewalks and stuff but feels absolutely amazing on smooth paved roads. One minor annoyance I have is that you can't tell how much charge is on the board while it's charging. When you plug it in the lights only stay on for like 5-10 minutes before they turn off at which point you'll have to press the power button to see the progress. At first I thought the board actually wasn't charging at all but it is. Not sure it's supposed to be like that or if it's a minor quirk for my board but so long as it actually charges its not a deal breaker. Other than that the only other thing is I got a remote with the words reverse misprinted on it though the button pretty much controls the speed and breaking modes while double clicking the power button changes the direction. Overall I'm pretty happy with it and although I don't know how good they are about warranty I do know they're pretty responsive seeing how quickly they replied and fixed an issue I had when my order confirmation/ tracking number got sent to a email address I don't have anymore

Gavin Goodwin
Great board

Definitely worth the price!


Package Contents:

1 x Possway skateboard

1 x Smart LCD wireless remote

1 x Micro USB charging cable

1 x Certified Battery charger adapter 2A (US 、AUor EU plug up to your location)

1 x T wrench and other tools for daily maintenance

1 x Y wrench and other tools for daily maintenance

1 x User manual


Board Size945*235*133mm 37.2x 9.3x 5.2 in)
Board Material1 ply bamboo and 8 ply canadian maple
Top Speed28mph / 46kmh
Minimum Ground Clearance56mm
Climbing Grade25%
Range30km (18mi) The range varies according to the road, slope, and rider's weight
Weight20.2lb / 9.2kg
Max Load330lb / 150kg
Ride Mode4-speed modes (Lo/Mi/Hi/Pro)
Lo: 0-10km/h (6 mph)
Mi: 0-20km/h (12mph)
Hi: 0-52km/h (32mph)
Pro: 0-52km/h Faster acceleration
Wheels105*65mm85 resilience,SHR78A Shock-Absorbing Wheels
Max Power1000W
Rated Power500w*2 (High power and high torque)
Motor Type90mm Hub Motor
Battery Capacity280.8wh,7800mAh
Battery Type7.8Ah42V10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery
Waterproof RatingIP65
Charging Time2A 1 hour for 5 miles, 4 Hrs for 20 miles
Remote DisplayOLED
Remote Distance15-20m
Remote charge time40 mins


Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? We've got you covered!

How long does it takes to charge the skateboard?

The normal charger takes 4 hours to be fully charged,   The fast charger takes 1.5 hours to be fully charged.

Does the accessaries swappable?

Yes, all the accessaries of our skateboard are swappable. 

Can I swap the battery or the wheels?

Yes, all the accessories are swapped.

When Will my item be shipped out?

All in-stock orders received from Monday to Thursday will be shipped out the same day,

Orders received from Friday to Sunday will be shipped out Next Monday, if it was a public holiday, it will be delayed.

When will my item arrived?

The US address, after shipped out, it takes 3-7 business days to get arrived. The other address depends on the shipping way, normal standard shipping usually take 40-50 business days, air shipping takes 10-20business days, for more detail please contact us via

Can you ship to..?

We can ship the skateboard to the address of Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.

Can I change my address?

Please contact customer service ASAP. If it didn’t ship out, we will try our best to help you, If it is shipped out, it will not support changing the address.

Do I need to pay tax on the product?

Only Norway, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan are tariffs required, for more detail please refer to the checkout page.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept PayPal, ApplePay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card.

Will I be charged any other fees after I check out on the official website?

If the forwarder tells us that your shipping address is a remote address, an additional fee will be charged. The fee varies according to the address.

How long is the warranty?

Every electric skateboard has 180 days warranty.  

Can I return the product?

All returns must have prior authorization from POSSWAY, and are subject to a 5% restocking fee on the items plus any shipping & handling charges. Products must be shipped back to us within 7 working days of receipt of the items. Return condition must be the same or equivalent to POSSWAY original packaging.

Can I cancel my order?

If you made your order by accident, and it wasn’t shipped out, your order can be cancelled. But a commission fee will be charged, please contact us via

How can I get support if my skateboard has a problem?

Please contact our customer service via, we will try our best to help you.


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