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How do beginners choose a suitable electric skateboard

by Sasa Wu on Feb 07, 2021

The market for electric skateboards is becoming more and more popular. At present, there are many types of electric skateboard brands on the market. ranging from $80 to $1,600. There are at least hundreds of branded and unbranded ones to choose from. How can beginners choose an electric skateboard with good performance and quality?

 Choosing an electric skateboard is very similar to choosing a car. We must first start with our own needs. If you like fast cars on the road, you'll need a sports car with a low chassis and high horsepowers. If you like off-road, you'll need an off-road vehicle with a high chassis and a large torque, and a short wheelbase. If you need to meet the daily home needs,  you'll probably need an SUV

 So think about your needs, and then choose an electric skateboard. The demand for purchasing electric skateboards is roughly divided into the following three categories.

  1. Toy gifts for children under 12 or skateboarding amateurs who are just curious to try them out
  2. Electric skateboard enthusiasts, travel demanders, middle and primary players
  3. Crazed DIY modifiers, professional extreme players who pursue speed and drift

 Here we mainly for the second type of electric skateboard enthusiasts, Introduce three points to pay attention to when buying a skateboard and an electric skateboard suitable for beginners.  Those who want to experience the fun of electric skateboarding but have no concept of product knowledge should be able to take a closer look.

electric skateboard

For a good electric skateboard, sliding body sense is the most important index. A lot of people think that skateboarding is as fast as possible, it's as far as possible and that's a very elementary mistake. Any product, especially a sports product, can never be simply a few numbers. Let's take a look at what points need to be concerned about choosing a suitable electric skateboard.

The deck has no elasticity.

For some manufacturers to save costs, the use of very cheap wood to make the deck, there is no elasticity at all underfoot, when riding, the wheel will give you a strong jolting feeling, in less than ten minutes your feet will feel numb, and long riding will damage your spine and brain. How to judge the quality of the deck? The easiest way is when you get a piece of electric skateboards, directly jumped on deck did feel its elasticity, and observe the side of the panel, good quality deck face, side each layer thickness is the same, glue line is parallel to each other of the straight, color is very light, and many will have dyeing layer, while the coloring layer besides beautiful does not have any effect, but can reflect the manufacturers pay attention to the details of the product. And the shoddy board, the number of layers on the side is uneven, with different shades of color.

The deck bites the wheels

In pursuit of higher speed and power, many manufacturers use large wheels. However, the larger the diameter of the wheel, the larger the center distance of the wheel,  the larger the radius, the higher the ground clearance, the more unstable, the more likely the deck of the skateboard is to get bites the wheels, which is very dangerous when sliding at high speed. If the deck bites the wheels while riding, the skateboard will get stuck and throw the person off.

electric skateboard

Battery selection

There are two main types of battery

1). A battery pack composed of 10-20 18650 batteries

18650 Lithium-ion battery--A standard lithium-ion battery model set by SONY in Japan to save costs, where 18 means a diameter of 18mm, 65 means a length of 65mm, 0 means a cylindrical battery, and the appearance is a package With a steel shell. The advantage is that the global standard is consistent,  produced by SONY, SANYO, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, LG, etc., the price is relatively low, the performance is stable and outstanding. The disadvantage is that the shape is fixed, the arrangement and combination are limited, it is impossible to achieve ultra-thin, and it is not pressure resistant. Lithium-ion batteries can easily explode when squeezed. Therefore, the battery must not be placed directly under the flexible deck. The only solution is to make the deck non-flexible. If you want the deck to be flexible and you want to use the 18650 battery, you need to install the battery pack on the head of the skateboard with little flexibility. 

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2). Battery pack composed of polymer lithium battery

The characteristic of the polymer battery is that it can be made into any shape without limitation of size, and it can fit the shape of the skateboard well. The disadvantage is that there is no uniform standard for this battery, the quality and performance are very unstable, and the price is high.

Regardless of whether the 18650 battery or polymer lithium battery solution is used, each has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the quality of the battery cell itself, its combination packaging, spot welding process, protection board, and BMS battery management system will all have a certain effect on the safety, stability, and ability of the battery itself.

The Possway T2 we will recommend is an electric skateboard under $400, suitable for beginners. Possway T2 uses Alternating layers of multi-directional fiberglass and Canadian maple. A lower degree of curvature can enhance stability, while a narrower waist has greater flexibility, which can make riding more smooth. 85% ultra-high-rebound urethane provides the perfect balance between softness and durability. 90mm wheels take advantage of the new parabolic cutouts to give you access to lightning-fast acceleration. And use high-capacity 18650 cells with a high discharge rate to ensure strong performance and reliability.

possway electric skateboard

When you master the riding technology proficiently, you will find that the fun of the Possway T2 electric skateboard comes from the ability to take the rider to a high-speed state of 32km/h-42km/h without manpower (more than 42km/h this speed, It is very dangerous for 99% of non-professional skaters) The riding experience at this time is very stimulating. When you ride an electric skateboard to a speed above 32km/h, the cool wind blows through your ears, and the road surface transmits the bumps on your feet through the board. By moving your center of gravity left and right, the skateboard does it under your feet Carving, is like surfing on land. That’s Great!


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