What type of electric skateboard is best for an adult?
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What type of electric skateboard is best for an adult?

by theresa Wen on Jan 07, 2023

If you love adventure, you must be aware of the existence of electric skateboards. Their style, design, and finish are done so that it ensures you a riding experience worth remembering. Nowadays, electric skateboard have entered most people's lives, people use it for commuting, or just for fun.

Electric skateboards have no age barriers, whether you are a child or an adult, you can enjoy the fun that electric skateboards bring to you.

Now, we will tell you what type of electric skateboard is best for adult.

electric skateboard for adult


Adults with no riding experience

What should you consider?

Your Budget

It’s no secret that electric skateboards can be extremely pricey. Some models can run upwards of $2,000. But you can still get a quality skateboard for far less than $2,000. Even you can even buy a beginner's skateboard for less than five hundred dollars.

We do not recommend that you spend too much on your first electric skateboard.


Product Quality

Since beginner is not familiar with eboards, they cannot evaluate the quality of the eboard by themselves, so go for the big brands if you can.


Customer Service

If you think you can fix the eboard yourself after the it gets damaged, you can ignore this item. But obviously, a brand with good customer service will save you a lot of trouble.


Our picks

Possway T3 Electric Skateboard(105mm Wheels)


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  • Long range up to 17-20miles / 28-32km
  • Speed: 28mph / 45 kph
  • Big battery-7800mAh, 280.8wh, 10S3P
  • Ergonomic deck design
  • 105mm shock-absorbing wheels for a more comfortable ride
  • Easy to switch the 90mm wheels
  • It can charge fast with an 5A charger.
  • Affordable and durable construction

Possway T3 is a great beginner-to-intermediate electric skateboard for commuting to work/school and cruising around on weekends so long as you don’t have too many hills to climb.

It’s nice and quiet and has plenty of range and top speed to get you to most places you want to go in a decent time.

The remote control has four-speed modes and eco mode, which are very friendly to beginners.


electric skateboard for adult

Adults with riding experience

What should you consider?

Motor Power

For the experienced riders, they need higher performance. Extended range, higher speed, smoother ride, and greater hill-climbing capabilities. Yes, they are adrenaline seekers.


Riding Feeling

The experienced riders may often ride on different terrains, so they pursue better shock absorption and a more stable riding experience.



The experienced riders spend more time on the board every day than beginners and even participate in group ride. Long battery life can guarantee that they will not lose face in front of everyone.


Customer Service

No matter what you buy, never forget to consider their customer service


Our picks

Possway Lynx Belt Motor Off-road E-skateboard

electric skateboard

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  • Battery: 8Ah,50.4V,12S2P 21700 Samsung 40T  Li-ion Battery
  • Range: 18-26mi / 30-42km
  • Top Speed: 32mph / 52kmh
  • Motors:  2700W
  • Wheels: 105*65mm + 90*54mm
  • Hill Climbing: 48%

Belt-driven boards are better at climbing, have more torque than hub-driven, and there are numerous wheel options for belt motors.

The standard factory configuration of the Possway lynx is 2-in-1. you can experience 105 wheels and 90mm wheels all at once.

In addition, there is a Shredlight taillight kit in the package, the 40-Lumen Shredlight SL-R1 light kit ensures you remain visible from over 2km away. Keep your night fun and safe.


electric skateboard


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