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Electric skateboard in Australia: Less effort, more fun

by May Chen on Apr 28, 2022

Electric skateboard in Australia: Less effort, more fun,

The gradually bulging electric skateboard market

As the electric skateboard becomes widely known in the US family, it gradually bulged on the market, and swallows the most proportion of outside sports, after that, it was still not satisfied with its current US market, so it takes the trend goes spread out the US country, arrived the Europe, Australia, even as far as Asia.

According to the physical feature of Australia, the people there welcomed electric skateboards with high hospitality, so electric skateboards settled on this land steadily.


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The reason electric skateboard goes crazy in Australia

Australia's climate is generally very pleasant and mild. Most of the country receives more than 3,000 hours of sunshine in one year! This is the best recreation reason for Australians.

Australians, due to long hours sunshine for a day, have the most time to have fun outside and explore sports while bathed in the sunlight at the same time.

The people who pursue the fast speed sport, these people called sports fans, are the mainstay of the outside sports market, they transfer their eyes from air sports, such as parachutes and wingsuits, to sea sports such as surfing and ferry surfing, to land speed sports as sports cars, electric motorcycles, electric bikes, finally, their located electric skateboard, a sport which is convenient and fast pleasure easy gained, also is energy-green and low carbon emission. After gained the resources of the outside sports mainstay, electric skateboard burst into fire on the land of Australia.


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Best electric skateboard in Australia

As we said above, electric skateboard already blowed a fire wind on the land of Australia, which electric is the famous electric skateboard in Austrailia? What is the best gift Australians always order? The answer is, the best electric skateboard in Australia is Possway V4 electric skateboard, let's have a look of its online feature.

Best entry-level electric skateboard for beginners: Super easy to learn, nice carving experience, safe speed for beginners, smart braking system, unique design.

Top Speed:15 MPH / 25 KMH
Range:10Miles / 16KM (60kg rider M mode speed on a flat road)
Max Load:220lb / 100kg
Net Weight:12.5lb / 5.7KG
Ideal weight to ride: less than 165lbs (75kg)


electric skateboard


Go for electric skateboard

Possway V4 absolutely is the best for entry electric skateboard beginners, only $349 required you could get it motorized. Go for it!


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