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How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost?

by May Chen on Mar 25, 2022

How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost?

When you are buying electric skateboards on Amazon or on the actual brand websites, you will find that it is so expensive? Compared with ordinary skateboards which cost within hundred dollars, the price of electric skateboards ranges from $300 to thousands of dollars. There’s a big gap between them, but why does this happen? Why Does The Electric Skateboard Be So Expensive?
How much does an electric skateboard really cost?

Why Does The Electric Skateboard So Expensive?
Electric skateboards are designed based on the normal skateboard, aside from the board itself, electric skateboards has motors, battery, controller, and other components than an ordinary skateboard, so they are more expensive. The following is the cost of each part of the electric skateboard.

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The most valuable part of an electric skateboard is the battery. It not only provides power for the skateboard but also made the electric skateboard.
The battery consists of multiple smaller cells, some battery is made of lithium battery, some is made by other material, The most common one is Li-ion batteries, which are more balanced in price and capacity, and are safer to use, and have a longer lifespan,

And the voltage of the battery is also different from each other, 36V and 42V are the most common in the market.

The capacity of the battery determines the motor power, torque, and riding range of the electric skateboard.
The larger the battery, the more powerful, the greater the capacity, and the better its performance.




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The motor of the electric skateboard is also very important, the motor accepts the power from the battery, the motor obtains energy from the battery and rotates itself to drive the skateboard forward, Now mainstream electric skateboards on the market all have dual motors, and you have to spend hundreds of dollars on it to get one.
The quality of the motor is determined by the parameter KV.
KV refers to revolutions per minute (RPM). The average KV range of electric skateboard motors is 170 to 270 KV.
The lower the KV value, the higher the torque, the slower the maximum speed, and the lower the price.
The higher the KV value, the smaller the torque, the faster the maximum speed, and the higher the price.
As for electric skateboard beginners or people has daily commute demands, doesn’t have the competition needs, normal speed is totally enough.



The Esc is the most intelligent component of the skateboard, it controls the board’s velocity, the brake, the signals from the remote, it gives directions to the skateboard, offers the speed experience for the rider.
A good and smoothy controlled system of the ESC usually has a linear control system, which means every acceleration and deceleration follows the uniform acceleration, providing the most safety for the skateboard rider. So good ESC deserves a high price.


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The controller also is an important idea of the motored skateboard, the tactile feel is the first impression for the rider, the signal transmission sensitivity is much more valued than the tactile.


All these components of the battery, motor, ESC, controller, and other component staff, made the electric skateboard price higher and valuable.

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