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Best gift for summer- Possway V4 electric skateboard

by May Chen on Apr 15, 2022

Because of the break of COVID-19, we have been trapped at home for such a long time. During that time which is in winter, I always thought to myself that I will go to a park and enjoy the sunshine. I would go for a walk around the street and have coffee with my dear friends. If it was possible I would go to visit a new city and have a memorable trip. What were you thinking? I guess your thoughts are similar to mine. Summer is coming! And we get used to living with COVID-19. The weather is getting more and more agreeable. It is time to make those thoughts happen. Here is the best gift for you or your friends in summer. Today I introduce you to a very convenient vehicle: Possway Electric skateboard V4!

electric skateboard

Possway V4 electric skateboard is an entry-level electric skateboard. You do not need special and professional skills riding it! It is a suitable eskateboard for beginners of all ages. Here are some reasons:


Range and speeds mode

Range and speeds mode meet all your demands, also was both friendly to beginners! V4 has a three-speed mode---S (slow), M(medium), H(High), remote control while riding. Its low mode is very suitable for entry-level beginners which offers you comfortable feelings while riding on the road. It decreases your nervous feeling and smooths your mood. Let you enjoy the riding and pay full attention to the road. The V4 with 10 miles of range is enough for beginners, and it can basically meet your demand for practicing eskateboarding and short-distance transportation or commute. It will be more dangerous and harder to balance if you ride at a high speed as an inexperienced eskateboarder. The top speed is 15MHP (25KMH), beginners can practice easily and safely within this range.

electric skateboard


As a beginner, usability is very important, it even decides if you will continue to ride the electric skateboard in the future. We need to know that Possway V4 is easy to learn. By the way, the remote is very basic and easy to operate. It has three-speed modes, S (slow), M(medium), H(High), and a "Reverse" button. You can simply switch between different gears by simply flipping the speed button by hand. To press the"Reverse" button, it will run in the reverse direction. The V4 electric skateboard does not have a speed and mileage display screen, which will reduce the distraction of beginners looking at the screen during riding and avoiding falling.


Purchasing a product, price is one of the important factors that affect consumers' decisions. Avoiding impulse buys or you are not sure whether you have enough interest in electric skateboards, or how long can you keep your passion, it is a rational decision to consider a relatively inexpensive entry-level electric skateboard. So we suggest beginners buy their first electric skateboard at an inexpensive price so as to reduce possible losses. The price of the Possway V4 electric skateboard is only $349, which is relatively cheap but is of good quality among all electric skateboards.
electric skateboard
Summer is coming, which is a perfect and optimum time to go outside with friends and family. Buy them one gift, or buy yourself one. You will be proud of your purchase. Here is the website:

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