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Ride eskateboard on campus: 8 tips

by May Chen on Apr 09, 2022

1.) Find out the rules of the campus about bringing in skateboards.

Campuses have different rules about bringing in skateboards or personal electric transport items. On another campus, it's a free for all. Some don't allow their existence. It is quite necessary to find out their skateboard policy.


2.) Don’t get left without battery!

Don't forget to charge your battery regularly, which can avoid the embarrassing moment that the eskateboard is dead in the middle of the trip and you have to carry it the rest trip. It is a very wonderful idea for the forgettable person to buy two batteries. You always have a backup battery.

3.) Protect yourself.

It goes without saying that you’ll be wearing a helmet, but consider protecting yourself in other ways. Those who choose to wear full protective gear sets are the safest. For those who ride with just a helmet or at very low speeds, be sure to cover exposed skin in case of a fall. Don't drink before you ride.

4.) How about exploring at weekend?

Do you really know about your campus? Do you really know about your city? Do you really want to stay home all day long? Why not explore unknown places and have fun, your eskateboard makes it easier. Try taking a bike trail you’ve never ridden on before or cruising bike lanes just for fun. If you live near the beach, you might want to ride on the promenade. We need more fun in our lives - that fun is out there for the grabbing you just need to get it. Try to explore at least once a month, you will get a lot of surprises.


5.) Invest in a backpack  

Invest in a backpack designed for laptops if you’re skating with your laptop to avoid back strain. You might also be carrying books, notebooks, etc. which you can’t just put into a plastic bag and carry in one hand while you are riding your board.

6.) Plan for the weather or potential weather.

Check the weather for the whole day before you leave your dormitory in the morning. Please don’t forget that water can damage your eskateboard and it is not safe.

7.)A good way to make friends.

You will catch a lot of attention on campus. Maybe some schoolmates even stop and ask you questions or just want to say hi. What a wonderful chance to make new friends who have the same interests as you. So you and your friend can hang out and ride electric skateboards together. Maybe you will get a sweet boyfriend or girlfriend and get into a serious relationship.


8.)Enjoy riding! 

Riding should be interesting and make you feel free and relaxed. There is enough pressure on exams and homework, let’s at least enjoy the moment with eskateboard! Happy riding!

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