Possway T2 VS Backfire G2-Recommend two Electric Skateboards suitable for beginners POSSWAY
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Possway T2 VS Backfire G2-Recommend two Electric Skateboards suitable for beginners

by Sasa Wu on Mar 12, 2021

Trying to find the Best Electric Skateboard for beginners, can be a daunting and difficult task, especially if you’re just getting in the skate world or your child has asked for one for Christmas or birthday. But then you look them up online only to realize, they’re expensive. There are a ton of budget electric skateboards out there that are still top quality. Not all of them are suitable for beginners. Here are two cost-effective, and suitable for beginners of the electric skateboard.

Best Value-for-Money Electric Skateboard POSSWAY T2

  • Price:$449
  • Wheels:90mmx52mm, 85 resilience, SHR82A
  • Truck:45°, 7 Inches
  • Top Speed:26mph / 42kmph
  • Battery Type: 10S3P 18650 Li-ion Battery,36V 7.8Ah
  • Range: 21 miles / 34 km (80kg rider H mode 25km/h speed flat road)
  • Max Load:330lbs / 150kg
  • Weight:17.5lbs / 8Kg
  • Comfortable Carving and Turning Deck
  • 5 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of fiberglass
Possway T2

The Possway T2 is an electric skateboard that offers the most value for money. For under $500 you get a well-made electric skateboard with all the performance you could need. It has a flexy deck giving you a comfortable ride with reduced vibrations and big 90mm wheels to roll over almost any crack in the pavement. Comfortable and powerful, excellent turning control, and easy to carve.

The remote is simple to use without any bells and whistles, so you can focus on the fun part. The acceleration and braking curves are gradual without any jerkiness so you will always feel confident while riding.

If you’ve never skated before, the Possway T2 is a great place to start and has room for you to grow into as you become a better electric skater.

It has insane top speed and plenty of range to go with it. You’ll be zipping around town with ease getting to where you need to be in no time.

If you’re always running late, or just want to leave the house a little later so you can get a few extra minutes of sleep, the Possway T2 might be able to help you out.

You’ll be able to get to where you need to go fast! No more sitting in traffic or on busy public transport. Just jump on this thing and enjoy some thrilling speeds on your way to work or school.

Backfire G2 Black with Super Power Hobbywing Motors

  • Price:$429
  • Wheels: PU Tire Hardness 83A SHRAA 96mm Diameter
  • Truck: 7 Inch Front Truck, New Back Rear Truck
  • Motors: Super Power Hobbywing Motors
  • Top Speed: 24mph / 38kph
  • Battery: 42V, 5.2Ah
  • Range: 11-12.5miles / 18-20km (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)
  •  Independently replaceable tires and motors, low maintenance cost
Possway T2 vs Backfire G2

The Backfire G2 is a good choice of electric skateboards under $500. It has some of the best speed and range at this price and has an acceleration curve that you need to be ready for otherwise you’ll be seated on your ass.

The deck has the perfect middle ground between flexy and stiff. The extra layer of hard maple keeps it steady, while the convex shape allows for a little extra flex. It’s ideal for riding at high speeds.

The flexy deck combined with the 96mm wheels makes for a very comfortable ride as they both help to absorb vibrations from the road and the big wheels also easily take on most cracks in the pavement, and it can easily surmount most obstacles without lifting the board too high off the ground。

electric skateboard

In the last few years, the skate industry has become extremely competitive with more and more manufacturers popping up everywhere. This has sparked a fury of innovation and price cuts bringing the cost of manufacturing an electric skateboard down while increasing the quality of the components.

Nowadays, you can get an affordable electric skateboard without sacrificing quality or features.

The Backfire G2 is more expensive, but the overall performance is better, while Possway T2 also has a very good quality, especially in the same performance, the price is the most favorable, very cost-effective.

All-in-all, buying both above electric skateboards won’t leave you disappointed. You still get great quality, top performance, interesting features, and an improving level of customer service for a fraction of the price.

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