Possway T2 VS Meepo V3 | Which is the best budget electric skateboard? POSSWAY
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Possway T2 VS Meepo V3 | Which is the best budget electric skateboard?

by Evan Sean on Mar 22, 2021

Electric skateboards have been growing in popularity for years, but one of the main issues people have with most electric skateboards is that they can be so expensive. A $1000 level electric skateboard is a significant investment for beginners, students, and anyone who is new to the world.


The Meepo has a good reputation as being one of the best budget electric skateboards available on the market for years, its Meepo V3 is the best-seller. Possway is a younger company who is also aimed to the budget electric skateboards market, they are hoping to break into the budget esk8 category with their first boards by offering value electric skateboards cheaper than the current market leaders but with more impressive specifications. Possway T2 will be the most challenging opponent of Meepo V3.

Possway T2 VS Meepo V3 

Here’s a comparison chart

Possway T2 VS Meepo V3
Product Possway T2 Meepo V3 (Standard)
Original Price $449  $469 
Battery Capicity 280wh 144wh
Advertised Range 21 miles 11 miles / 18 km
Top Speed 26mph / 42kmph 29 mph / 46 kph
Deck 5-layer Canadian maple and 2-layer fiberglass 7-layers Canadian maple
Grip Tape 3mm Shock Absorbing No Shock Absorbing
Handle No Yes
Trucks Possway Trucks Meepo Shredder Trucks
Hub Motors 2*480w 2*540w
Shipping to the US Fast Shipping: 2-7 days (Free) Free Standard Shipping (from China):  delivered around May 20th
Fast Shipping (from US): 3-7 days ($50)


Price and Shipping (for US orders)

Possway T2 price is $349, with free fast shipping (for US orders), that’s really a steal! Meepo V3 is $399, but if you choose fast shipping from US, you’d pay $50 shipping fee, or you need to wait it to be delivered from China.


Range and Top Speed

The T2 is equipped with a 280wh battery, which is almost twice the capacity of the V3 Standard. A larger battery will provide more mileage. The official claimed mileage of the V3 is 11 miles / 17 Km, and of the T2 is 21 miles / 34Km, these matched with their battery capacity. The top speed of the T2 is 26mph / 42kmph, and the V3 is even better at 29 mph / 46kph. As a beginner, many people will not slide to the highest speed at first, considering that they still need time to be proficient in electric skateboarding, this speed is not safe for them. Anyway, there is little difference between the two at the highest speed.

 Possway T2 electric skateboard


Both T2 and V3 use Canadian maple. The difference is that T2 is 5-layer Canadian maple plus 2-layer fiberglass, while V3 is 7-layers Canadian maple. As we mentioned before, Canadian maple deck is stronger and more durable and can bear heavier weight, the bamboo deck is more flexible and less durable. The difference is that the T2 uses 3mm shock-absorbing grip tape, which will reduce some vibration when riding it. The V3 has a handle. Some people may prefer this design.



The aluminum alloy shell used in T2 has the advantage of being good for heat dissipation, and the plastic shell used in V3 will make the skateboard lighter. Both enclosures are strong enough for daily using.

 Meepo V3 electric skateboard

Trucks and Wheels

The trucks of most electric skateboards are strong enough and rarely have quality problems. Both of these skateboards use self-branded trucks. Meepo V3 wheels are 90mm*60mm 78A, Possway T2 wheels are 90*52mm 82A. 70A-85A can be good for offering a smoother ride or cruising. 80A-90A can be good for slides 90A-101A+ are good for tricks and skateparks. The softer the wheel the smoother the ride will be over rough terrain. The harder the wheel the faster it will go and often the easier it will slide. Based on the feedback from users, the experience of both is decent.


ESC (Acceleration and braking)

Both of these boards use the same brand’s ESC, the main difference is in the program. They have different designs on top speed, acceleration, and brake.



The range on the Possway T2 is between 21 miles depending on your setting, so it beats the Meepo. Still, the top speed is 26 miles per hour on the V3, so the Meepo wins that competition. This differentiates them, so the one that wins will be decided based on whether you want to focus on range or speed.

They’re tied for their ability to climb the hills, both sharing 30%, and their motors aren’t too different, either, although the Meepo has a bit of an edge over the Possway here. 

At last, considering of the prices, which do you think is the best budget board?

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