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The main important factors that affect an electric skateboard -motor and speed

by Sarah Wu on Mar 09, 2022

Which is the best electric skateboard for yourself, let me talk about it as a practitioner.

Some of the experience in building e-bikes and e-boards in the past few years is really something that I am saying with my conscience. The most important factors are the motor and battery, wheels, and deck.



About the motorized skateboard

The e-scooters or the electric skateboards motor is basically produced in China, most of the motors of the e-scooter or the electric skateboards in the industry are all made in China.

 For the escooter and eskateboards, These motors with the better design are completely sufficient. China has always been a big country in the electronics boards manufacturing industry.


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Of course, the quality of domestic motors is varied from each other. The better ones are good, but the bad ones are really bad.

The motors play a big role in the speeding cruise and the skating range. The battery provides the rotational kinetic energy power for the hub motor, get the good battery, your e-scooter or e-skateboard would have a fast speed and the perfect range, and the user experience would be much sufficient, but if the motor is just so so when it is overheated it would implicate the battery, the most direct harm is the impact on the battery life and the range, the speed. Sometimes it causes the worst scenario: the motor would be overheated and burned.


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The speed of eboards

Talking about the motor, then it comes to implicated about the speed, we strongly urge everyone not to blindly pursue high speed. And always pay attention to slow down your speed while you are riding on the skateboard.

The electric skateboard itself is not a product suitable for the pursuit of speed. As a commuting tool, even there are most of the errands that do need the fastest speed to finish.

Back to the electric scateboards speed, if the board wheel diameter is small, then the control response time is short, and the braking distance is long. Under the premise of ensuring safety, it is recommended that the maximum speed should not exceed 25km/h, and the limit should not exceed 35km/h. 35km/h is already a very dangerous speed.


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I have been testing all kinds of e-bikes and e-boards or all terrain skateboards, remote control skateboards all year round, and I still fell through pits, speed bumps, small rocks, 6-inch BMX, and 8-inch & 10-inch big-wheeled bikes even when I am quite proficient in riding skills. Because eboards are not naturally suitable for the pursuit of speed, unless the road conditions are perfect to zero defects, no matter how high the riding skills are, they cannot cope with many emergencies. In addition, let me mention it separately, it is very simple for enterprises to let go of the speed limit. Choose a motor with low torque and high speed, and directly control the square wave. It does not require much power to ensure that you can fly as soon as you ride.



Regarding the battery life: Why is battery life so important for the electric skateboard

Regarding the removable battery and wheels:Removable battery helps you double your electric skateboard's mileage

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