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What factors need to consider before buying an electric skateboard

by Sarah Wu on Mar 03, 2022

What factors need to consider before buying an electric skateboard

Nowadays, an electric Skateboard is no longer just a toy for children. In recent years, I found that more and more people in the US use Electric Skateboard to travel. Even our village has shared electric Sk8s. What super convenient.


Electric Skateboards is simpler and more convenient than a bicycle, and it is easy to use and suitable for all ages. Skateboard's body is compact and streamlined, and the electric Skateboards can also be taken on the bus and subway. The distance from the company or from school is not particularly far. Directly replace public transportation or driving with an electric Skateboard, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. You don't have to worry about traffic jams, you can exercise, and you can save a lot of transportation costs every month. What's more, Today, Eddie is here to talk to you about how to buy an electric skateboard in the US.


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Like the other electric Skateboards and one-wheel skateboards, battery life is an important consideration. Generally, the battery life of electric skateboards ranges from 10-40 miles. The longer the battery life, the larger the battery, and the more expensive the price.


The battery life mainly depends on the longest distance you ride, the standard battery life of the manufacturer, and the actual battery life is 20% off, which is the same as the principle of electric vehicles. In addition to looking at the distance, it also depends on the road conditions, such as whether there is a climb, whether the road surface is smooth, etc. which will affect the actual battery life.


Of course, the longer the battery life, the better. This mainly depends on your economic strength.



the weight of the skate board

As an electric Skateboard for transportation, it is often carried into the bus and subway, and even carried on the elevator, and some companies have to go upstairs, so the weight of the skateboard is also very important. The skateboard of ordinary steel structure is heavier, and the aircraft-grade aluminum structure is light and of good quality. Apart from being expensive, there is nothing wrong with it. If you need to move it frequently, buy a lightweight one.



The Motor Power of the eskateboards

The higher the motor power, the more expensive the price. However, it is necessary to consider personal usage scenarios. If there are frequent climbing or rough roads, a skateboard with a larger motor is required. For normal use, 250-350w is generally enough.



The tire quality of the eboard

Tires depend on size and tire form.

The larger the size, the better the stability; the smaller the size, the more difficult it is to control, and it is easy to roll over in sharp turns;

In terms of the form of tires, there are solid tires, tube-type pneumatic tires, and tubeless tires, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, pneumatic tires have good cushioning, but there is a risk of flat tires and air leakage, and they need to be inflated frequently.

The anti-skid function of the tire is also very important, depending on how the manufacturer treats the surface of the tire.


electric skateboard


The replacement accessories of the skateboard

The components of the electric skateboards are all important for the eskateboards,electric skateboard accessories to the skateboard is like the arms and feets to human, they are indispensable, so before placing your order, knowing which electric skateboard parts could be free replaced is very necessary, if it is possible, better to have an electric skateboard parts list that could be replaced for the later use, and make it clear if the factory needs the used electric skateboard parts to be shipped back, because both the replacements parts and shipping fee costs money.



The brake system of the eboard

Compared with the ordinary Skateboard, the electric Skateboard has a more complex and advanced braking system. In addition to the most primitive foot brake, it is generally equipped with an electric brake with a power recovery mechanism. Brakes will also affect the price of the car body. High-end skateboards are generally equipped with disc brakes as standard, which are safer and more durable.



electric skateboard


The top speed of the esk8s

No need to pursue the fastest speed, safety first. Especially in places with a lot of traffic such as London, after all, you won't be riding an electric Skateboard to go racing. And British law stipulates that the top speed of the E -Skates is 15.5 mph (25km/h), and it is illegal to exceed it.


Smart pairing

For some advanced electric skateboards, it will bring the smart control function of the mobile phone app. For example, display speed set cruising speed, automatically lock, view riding records, etc., but I think these functions are too fancy and don't have much effect. After all, these functions are added, and the price will go up.

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