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Only lasted a year

The battery is no longer working. . I had the board for a year and 3 months And usually rides them only on weekends.

the first time i used it. Screws from the esc was loose. And was rattling. So i had to open it and fixed it and sealed it so it wouldn't get loose.

Years later ( just few days ago) board doesnt work i was still able to ride it fully charged and just suddenly died and wouldnt turn on. I have attached a video so everyone can see..

The board was fun but could do more of the quality. I have reached out to customer service via email. But have not gotten any response. I did again today so will be waiting in a few days. .

To sum it all up. T3 is a good board at its price point however. It will probably only last you a year or 2 the most. ( based on my personal experience) and after reading some of the reviews. YouTube video placeholder

Purchased my V4 -Pro Sep 20 2023 for my E.Boca Raton home Freaking love it as do ALL my toys. Did a top speed short video (attached below). I’m 5’9”” 170lbs and this short longboard does just fine. 800 watt dual motor is 2 thumbs up here 👍👍💪🏻💯

Good bang for your buck & 2 thumbs up here 👍

Coming from a no name Caroma 900 watt dual motor longboard purchased at Walmart/Online This NEW POSSWAY V4 PRO 800 watt dual motor is just fine for me. Don’t even notice the 100 watt less power.. really don’t I’m bout 170lbs 5’9” Adult. One minor con I’m thinking is the battery is NOT all that great as far as staying where it needs to be on long trips. I had to guess she might get six or 7 miles out of it you know at 15 mph or less I haven’t tested TopSpeed yet I’m venture to say right around 18 to 20 mph if I had to guess all right good luck to you.

Fun first board, but doesn't last

I bought this board last November. First electric board for me, but it seemed to be a good deal. The tires got torn up pretty quickly with casual riding. Within the first month chunks were coming out of the wheel. I contacted customer service and they refused to help. Not even a year later and now the tail of the deck broke off and the board is unusable. I'm forced to shell out $140 just to replace the deck which is a rip off. This is definitely my last purchase from Possway. Terrible customer service, but an OK board if you get it cheaper than $350

Lasted one year

After about 9 months of owning my T3 longboard the battery has already failed. Was given a brand new battery from possway. About 2 months later I was using the board and it started emitting black smoke and somehow was short circuited and ruined the whole board. Was expecting much longer than a year of usage, with the expensive price tag. A friend of mine is also starting to develop a battery issue as it is not holding a charge. Will never buy a possway board again.

Dodgy wheels

The rear wheels have a potentially deadly design fault. There is nothing stopping the inside bearing from sliding in between the wheel and the gear mount, causing the wheel to self destruct. This happened to me and can easily be fixed, new wheels and a 16mm spacer. Oh and 1 more problem you sent me the wrong gear parts for the possway lynx, I have used the old ones. I have sent you multiple emails and you won’t respond, not happy! I can only hope that no one is hurt or killed because of these dodgy wheels !

Freedom at last. freedom to get get around in a different manor, I say this because for a 68 year old who is always looking not to push the envelope but actually open it ! Possway T3 did it, mind you I wrote S/B back in 60's and quit riding in the middle 70's. When I stumbled upon Possways T3 advertisement that did it need to reconnect back to the past. Every penny is worth the excitement, comfort , durability, power , ease of use , wheels 105 is a must have ! T3 is worth the upgrade , if your new to the sport get this Possway T3 you will not regret it !


These are the best wheels I’ve ever ridden, the amount of smoothness and low vibrations make the long rides are a lot more enjoyable

Love it. Had too much fun.

T3 has been a blast alot of fun. I'm a big guy and this board has been great. Going to upgrade to belt driven board soon As I am a bigger dude and it climbs the hills better. Been over a year with steady use. The only thing I can complain is they need to show people how to pair the control when you get a new remote. Amazing board excited to try the belt driven.

Good value. But

This is my second board from Possway. I am happy with the board. Rides great. But the reason for buying is first one died after 7 months just after warranty expired. Normal use never got wet 250 to 300 miles of riding. It was cheaper to get a new board than a battery and ESC. Now I have spare parts.

Great for the price

It’s great

Good speed. Easy to manage

Very good board, happy about the speed.

Could be inproved : the heat come from under the board can be annoying when you ride pro mode too long and the weight.

But happy of the board, i do recommend

Money well spent so far

This board has done just about everything I wanted it to do. I’m very pleased and look forward to buying more products from Possway.


I am a 48 year old who loved skateboarding in my teens. Haven't been on one in a long time. I am having the time of my life with this Possway! Easy to use, easy to charge. Big wheels are amazing! Highly recommend for anyone of any age.

Second board crack

This is my second board crack/ break…they sent me a replacement…but it broke again…I’m ordering another to avoid trouble…it’s a good ride when it isn’t broken🤷🏽‍♂️

Quite disappointing

When the board first arrived I had loved it, the range was good, speed was good. after about a few months the board could barely go half the distance, the most I can go is around 15 kilometers when its supposed to have a 32 kilometer range. theres no reason why the battery has degraded this quickly and it leaves me disappointed in the board. Dont waste your money

A New Ride

The old wheels went 3000 miles for me . Started to crack on edges . The replacement wheels are awesome . Board much faster smoother and I am a better rider after 3000 miles .
What a fun ride .

Lynx 100 mile review

Front trucks cracked and I bought the 52 mile version which I didn’t realize was just an additional battery - not a single higher capacity battery. I like the board but don’t like that my earlier review(s) we’re not posted cuz I gave it 4 stars due to the battery- bummed that the trucks cracked


Bought this board for my son and he loves it. No issues with the order, and delivery was quick. Son says it is a great ride and easy to control even at high speed.


Good value for money. Doesn't exactly hit the specs, but it gets close for sure.
The longest trip I've taken was around 17 km, mostly flat with 200 m elevation change. At the end, the board still had juice in the tank, but probably for another 5 km.
The top speed I've gone is 30 km/h, it can probably go faster, but it doesn't feel stable at that speed on non-perfect terrain.

Si están bien más que bien

Todo bien solo hay una cosa que si tiene que arreglar y es el envío porque dicen que de 3 a 7 días es la entrega y tardan más de un mes y la verdad molesta no que tarde si no la mentira solo eso


Incredible board used for 8 months now, the acceleration when going at speed still amazes me, the braking is really smooth, I'm 90 kg and carries me like a feather, scary stuff your be amazed

Cracked deck, bad battery, bad customer service.

I purchased the board and a extra battery. When the board came the deck had cracks running all through it in the box. LARGE cracks. Reached out to customer service and they claimed it was from “weather” and literally told me to let them know when I have a real issue. Well little did I know that wouldn’t be much longer. First battery lasted about 6 miles. So I popped on my second ($250) battery I purchased. The second one got me 8 miles. Then the first battery started to only last 2 miles so I reached out to possess and they told me to test it with a multimeter. I told them I’m not an electrician and did not feel comfortable doing so. I would simply like to replace it sense it was under warranty. They told me no. So I’m out a $250 battery. Other things I was not impressed with is the wheels. They are decent looking but after 2 months there bald. They are made from a cheap compound and don’t last at all. I wish I could go back and choose a different company because I spent nearly $800 thinking I was going to get a solid product I could enjoy and take care of for a while but honestly it feels more like a scam. I spend ALOT of money and for them to not even consider covering ANYTHING under WARRANTY that is OBVIOUSLY defective from the factory is really disappointing.

The beast

Good quality,great board,best ride 5 ⭐

Great experience

Good experience highly recommend