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A day with my Lynx electric skateboard

by May Chen on Feb 11, 2023


To do list: Go hiking

As the year of 2021 passed away, many youngers made their dynamic plans to travel around the world in the new year. So does I and my friends. The first errand on our to do list is go hiking, to experience the beauty of the nature, to inhale the flash healthy air, to bask in the warmable sunshine in the wood, having a good time party with some friends in the wood. We immediately locate the place, which is happened to near our small town about 15 miles away. Around our city,  a little bit far, but away from family.

In order to experience the enjoyment, 7 of us, take our electric skateboard Lynx, also with our camera Canon, go on the road.





The Speed we reach while Sailing in the cool wind

Except the hiking, food is an important consideration, we have to have some beers and snacks, so both of us the backpack to carry food.

I weight 170 lbs, with my backpack staff together weight 248 lbs, never overpass the 330lbs, so it won’t harm my lynx anyway.

My fad, weight 130 lbs, who carried the bears, in a total of 278, almost to reach the limitation 330 lbs, but it’s still fine.

My friend Gaby, weight for 180 lbs, carried the 78 lbs, in a total 258 lbs, also within the load limitation.

That’s it, we carried the goods on.




This is a good day, beautiful sunshine with gentle breeze, not too hot being exposed under the sun, instead, it’s very cool, made us all feel happy.

Even three of us with burden carried on, it still doesn’t affect the electric vicheles perfumance. We still could go as fast as we want, we did a little racing, let’s see who get the destination first.

The results is, I ran as 27 miles per hour. My fas rans up to 24 miles, and my friend Gaby goes faster than me, I presume that he had reached 28 miles per hours, because Gaby is the one who arrives the first.






Even road Vs jolty road

The cruising on even road offers perfect leisure while on the rough road offers thrilling experience. To my experience is if your board wears the 90mm wheels, it’s better to go on the even road, if you wearings the 105mm road, you could go the rough road.


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