Electric skateboard as my daily commute
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Electric skateboard as my daily commute

by May Chen on Feb 16, 2023


As we stepped into our college from High school, time is very valueable and easy to slip away, time is very limited, your colleage life might be like mine, a lots of essay to do, at least three essays at a week, also there’s forum events and tasks, without a commute tool you’ll find life is so cruel to deal with. To my luckiness, I have one Possway T3 electric skateboard.



A big day with my T3 electric skateboard

I still remember these past years, how many people got block in their city, how many people died with covid virus based on the basic disease, but it seems to become normal in our city, we live in a normal pace, students go to school, white collar go to the office, crazy virus in a crazy world. Under the high previelling of the virus, our school’s events tasks all goes normal, the debate goes in full swing. My T3 electric skateboard companied with me in and out every important occasion and every class room that I have classes. It saved a lot of time at a valueable content. You know the distant between building to building takes a lot time.



The big day I want to mention is the debate under a topic of under an uneven resources distribution system, how could we get the most resources on our own, what’s the feasible way that we could use with the resources around us, and how can we economize these resources. I am very hornored that I am one part of the debate, I can still remember the day, I get myself dressed fit, looks good, grab my breakfast and take my board with me, directly run into the debate club, it might takes me 13 minutes, I am nervous all the way, but actually, when its my turn to deliver my speech, I feel very peace, at least, I can express my opinion under no press, its the feeling of freedom. Good experience and good results, I got a prize from the debate.





Valuable memory with T3 electric skatbeoard

From the day that I got this board, I spend a lot of time with the board. It brings most convenience at a large content, as you know it companied with me at lot, we have many valuable memory together.

I personally recommend people around me to have one board from Possway.


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