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One wheel skateboard Vs Possway T2 electric skateboard - which is the best

by Sarah Wu on Feb 25, 2022

Prevailed eskate markets

As electric skateboards' overwhelming popularity, kinds of electric skateboards emerged on the market. electric longboard motor, one wheel skateboard motor, dual motor electric skateboard, four motor skates longboard, from all the prevailed eskate gizmo, which one do you prefer?

Today we would like to test the one wheels motorized skateboard with two hub motor electric skateboards, Just to find out which one Eddie would like the most.





The best electric skateboard with two hub motors in 2021

An Electric Skateboard Hub Motor is a Brushless Motor inside of a wheel, the motor is inside the wheel, provides momentum from the battery, and drives on the road. Dual hub motor wheels are normally located on one side of the quad skateboard, the battery of the skateboard is near to the hub motor's sides, in order to better accept the power transaction from the battery. Four hub motor wheels quad electric skateboard, as literally said, four wheels are all powered, four wheels motorized, provide the strongest power for the quad skateboard, but at the same time, it has high requirements for the quad skateboard’s battery capacity and ESC controller system.


 electric skateboard



From all the dual hub motor electric skateboard and four hub motor electric skateboard said above, Eddie prefer the dual hub motor quad skateboard the most, dual hub motor electric skateboard required common battery and ESC performance(of course the better capacity the better), and dual hub motor eboards makes the direction control more flex, safer, if there’s a defective problem, the dangerous factor won’t run too high.

So Eddie searched dual hub motorized electric skateboard from the internet for about a whole year in 2021,finally, Eddie find out which is the best dual hub motor: Possway T2 electric skateboard.



electric skateboard



T2 electric skateboard which is featured with high performance and the safest riding and much flexibility, also are popular within the skateboarding circle. T2 eskates is a dual motor powered longboard, dual motor drive quad skateboard, it is easy to control with the eboard charger, both satisfy the rider’s speedy desire and the freedom, also the deck buddy design, which could give you as much flexibility as you need, and which is followed and based on W-concave idea and also according to human foot structure, is made by an engineer who has long journey in eboard industry, and the final effect from the market prove itself worthy, as its global sales report, the market also love it.






The best one wheel electric skateboard in 2021

For the one wheel electric skateboard in 2021, Eddie also did a lot of research just to know which one is the most popular and the best.

One wheel skateboard or one tire skateboard, are the same, one motorized wheel, people could stand on the sides of the wheel. One-wheel electric skateboard is a self-adjusting single wheel electric board, recreational individual carrier, regularly portrayed as an electric skateboard. In contrast to the electric unicycle and the dual hub motor quad electric skateboard, the rider’s feet (and body) are regularly pointed at an opposite point in the direction of movement, high requirements for the rider’s balance sense.



             one wheel electric skateboard



So the best one wheel electric skateboard that Eddie was looking for still was called one wheel, people could customize the color from their web, which is very cool and nice, and their one wheel board was designed good, the tire also is very thick, so does the controller system, Eddie gained much pleasure during the riding, the only shortcoming is that I can not move my feet freely when I step my foot on it while riding, not the same as dual hub motor electric quad skateboard.





Dual hub motor electric skateboard VS one wheel electric skateboard

As I give information upon above, I would like to have a comparison between Dual hub motor eskates and singe wheel eboard, from a few aspects.



Electric skateboard range

Both dual hub motor or single motor electric skateboard is as a commuting tool, so for Eddie, the riding mileage is the most important, Dual hub motor T2 equipped with 10S3P 18650 lithium battery, supports 18-21 miles range (30-35 kilometers) with a single charge, one-wheel electric skateboard could only run 6-8 mile range (10-13 kilometers), so this important run dual hub motor eskates wins.




Electric sakteboard price

As a workman, we all know that money comes in a hard way, so if the price is within the budget is better. So the price of one wheel electric skateboard is $1095, the price of the T2 electric skateboard is $469, this run I guess we all know which one wins, but if your budget is well-enough, also you could consider the one wheel eboard.




Electric skateboard usage

Talking about usage, the safety factor, foot comfort, remote control sensitivity all are the aspects that you could use for testing, as for Eddie, the safety factor both of single or dual hub motors is about the same, they both are electronics, both have fast speed when it is going under the fast speed, it cause potential dangerous.

As for the foot comfort, Eddie likes the T2 dual hub motor electric skateboard, T2’s deck is wider, easier to step on, and gives the rider more space and more reaction time while the accident crashing happens.

The last one, remote control sensitivity, is also about the same, both use wireless remote, smooth control ESC control system, good as fun.




Final conclusion

So for the best electric skateboard, Eddie prefers the T2 dual hub motor electric quad skateboard, the money is good, the deck for the foot space is good, also the acceleration or deceleration followed the linear process, which makes me feel the safest.

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