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What Problems Could You Encounter When Riding an Electric Skateboard, and How to Fix Them?

by Charlie Mu on Nov 24, 2022

Just like any other electric device, an electric skateboard will sometimes have problems without warning. It's even more annoying when something goes wrong during your ride that is supposed to be enjoyable. Therefore, it's important to understand what to expect when an electric skateboard stop operating while riding and how to resolve these issues.


Common Issues When Riding Electric Skateboard

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Problem 1:

One of the most common problems is that your skateboard won't go in a straight line. When riding with or without a load in a straight line, the skateboard always turns or draws a circle in one direction. The motor and PU wheels usually produce abnormal noise when riding in this situation.

What could you do to fix this problem?

To locate the problem, you can turn the electric skateboard upside down and turn the front wheels manually to see if the wheels spin freely, whether the flexibility of the two wheels is the same, and whether there is any abnormality.

If the wheel is found to be stuck, please use the T tool to loosen the stuck bearing nut by half a turn or a turn and test again. Replace the hub bearing if there is an abnormal sound.

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Or, you can use the remote control or manually spins the motor wheels (rear wheels) to see if the wheels spin freely and whether the flexibility of the two wheels is the same. You can apply acceleration and braking to see if the spin speed of the wheels is the same, whether there is an abnormal sound, and whether the two wheels simultaneously stop when braking.

If there is an apparent difference between the spin speed of the rear wheels and there is also an abnormal sound, it means that the motor bearing is stuck due to a slippery road surface or rust caused by soaking in water. Please use WD-40 rust-removing lubricants to spray the motor shaft several times in a row. At the same time, use the remote control to operate the motor forward and repeatedly reverse to clean up the rust and dirt in the motor bearing and wipe it clean. If this operation has not alleviated the abnormal noise or the motor is still running abnormally, please get in touch with customer service to replace the motor.


Problem 2:

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Another common problem that happens during riding is the presence of a rattling sound when riding. Usually, in this situation, the skateboard operates normally with a no-load ride. What could you do to fix this problem?

To locate the problem, turn the skateboard upside down, and use the remote control to operate the wheels to see if they have the same flexibility and whether there is an abnormality. Check if the four wheels are damaged, torn, bulging, or have nails and other debris.

If damage is found on the PU, please replace the PU immediately. Because PU is consumable, the PU wheel will be damaged in places with more gravel, potholes, glass and metal debris on the road.

If no damage is found, but there is still abnormal noise when riding, it means that the gap between the PU and the motor hub is too large. In this case, please use the L-shaped motor cover removal tool provided with the package to remove the motor cover screws and pull out the Motor PU sleeve, evenly smear high-temperature lubricating oil in the groove of the PU wheel, and then reinstall it. If the effect is still not obvious after applying high-temperature lubricating oil, please replace it with a new PU sleeve.

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