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Best cheap electric skateboard in 2021 for beginners

by Sarah Wu on Jan 04, 2022

Best cheap electric skateboard in 2021 for beginners

V4 electric skateboard has launched for almost a year, in a bunch of beginner electric skateboards, V4 electric skateboard paved a wide road for the electric skateboard newcomers, as a cheap electric skateboard but as a higher performance electric longboard, V4 owned a lot of affirmation in the year of 2021.


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Beginner Skateboard With an Affordable Price

In order to decrease the costs of electric skateboard beginners, we sold V4 electric skateboards with an affordable price of $299 for a long time. From the beginning, V4 was launched at the price of $449, Which is a price matched up with the efforts been put on it, also it already is a very affordable price for lots of people, but in order to furthermore decrease the costs of our electric skateboard beginners, we released a promotion price as $299, and sometimes when it comes up with holidays, we also released some coupons for our customers as a surprise.



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High-quality Eskateboard with price-efficient

As we said, $299 is a very affordable price, which makes v4 a high-quality eskateboard with price-efficient. When one is on a limited budget, are there other options better than V4 for beginners to choose?

Let's have v4 compare with Vivi H2b electric skateboards' performance, as you are comparing the parameter information of two electric skateboards, it's better to make sure what is more important for yourself before you make your order. Is the mileage more important to you? Or is the speed more important to you?


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Actual Price




10 Miles

9.5 Miles

Max Load

100KG / 220LBS

100KG / 220LBS

Board Weight

5.7KG / 12.5lbs

5.7KG / 12.5lbs

Board Material

8 Layers maple

8 Layers maple

     Top Speed

25kmh / 15mph

12.5 MPH

     Medium Speed

15KMH / 9MPH

9.3 MPH

     Low Speed

10KMH / 6MPH

6.2 MPH

Battery Capacity


4000 mAh

Battery Type

29.4V lithium battery

29.4V lithium battery

Charging time

3 Hours

3 Hours

Motor Type

83mm Hub Motor

83mm Hub Motor

Motor Power

350W x 2

350W x 2

Wheel Material



Hill Gradient

Up to 15%






As an electric skateboard, its mileage is a considerable important parameter, it decides how far this skateboard would go in a fully charged status.

As you know, Possway V4 could go 10 miles in a fully charged status, and Vivi H2b could go 9.5 miles in a fully charged status, there’s 0.5 miles disparity, which is not a very big number, but it depends on what you prefer.

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As a beginners electric skateboard, its speed should have lower speed for beginners to adapt in, then step by step to get fast, so it’s very good to has speed types.

V4’s low-speed and medium-speed is almost alike with Vivi h2b’s, the only big difference is it’s top speed, V4 could run 15mph at the top speed, Vivi H2b could run 12.5mph at the top speed.


Final thoughts

As for me, who walking in lots of electric skateboards many years, I think V4 still is best cheap electric skateboard for beginners, whatever the mileage or its speed type, gives beginners time to adapt in, also gives fast pleasure to explore.

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