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Que puedo decir que mienten le cambié de batería a las dos semanas que la compre y cuando la cambie lo siguiente fue el esc remote también cuando lo compre me dijeron que de 3 a 7 días llegaba llegó 11 días después y no tenia ni 6 meses y la verdad ya no estoy seguro paseando pensando que sigue dure como 7 días escogiendo una skateboard y escogí la peor yo no sé para que piden fotos y video del problema si no hacen nada

As advertised!

Great board! Does exactly as advertised, the top speed is probably too fast for most people! All in all, I’ve enjoyed it

Better than expected

I purchased this skateboard and I wasnt sure on what level of quality to expect. I have been riding it for about 4 weeks now and I am really impressed. The battery lasts and the board is zippy. Very happy with this purchase.

Works Perfectly! +Got a Discount

I recently purchased this skateboard, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. The board is lightweight, yet durable, and the motor is powerful enough to handle even steep inclines with ease.

The skateboard's remote control is intuitive and easy to use, with a responsive throttle and brake that allow for precise control of speed and stopping. The board's deck is also well-designed, with a comfortable and secure grip that provides a smooth and stable ride.

One of the standout features of this electric skateboard is its long battery life, which allows for extended riding time without needing to recharge. The board also has a fast charging time, so you can get back to riding quickly if you do need to recharge.

Overall, I would highly recommend this electric skateboard to anyone looking for a reliable and high-performing ride. And if you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, make sure to use the discount code "SKATE" for a great deal!

I hope this review helps, and happy riding!

I received my air glove three days ago and immediately gave it a try. I took a tumble at first, but after about half an hour of practice, I got the hang of it! It's incredibly fun and the design is both stylish and comfortable. Riding with the glove feels like a natural extension of your hand. It's adjustable and fits snugly, so it won't slip or feel loose while riding.

Easy to control, remote revolution

While Possway contact me that I was given a free air remote, I was fabulously intrigued.
It is easy to learn and control, you'll feel more flexible when you are with the remote, I think this is gonna on fire this year.

Tonnes of fun

This being my second board, it was quite an interesting change, the big wheels, give a great shock absorption ride, and everything seems to be up to check. Although I’m not so sure about the range, but it does everything I want to do and more. A great purchase option if you’re looking for a new board


I was a little hesitant at first, but this is a great addition to your Possway board! It has great control over my T3. It made my board more responsive in all aspects & brought out the best in it, after pushing the board to all limits even battery life seems to be better. In addition, I felt safer because now both hands are free. I highly recommend the Air Glove. I'm currently saving for a Lynx, can't wait to test it with that.
Possway definitely got it right with this one. 5 stars from me.

Well rounded for the price

I have riden this board for a couple months shy of a year back and forth to work in all kinds of weather. I love how the battery is secured to the board instead of a clip in pack I have had problems before with the battery dropping off on rough sidewalk on other boards don't have that worry here. I have ridden the board in both hot and cold weather with no noticeable effects on the board (the Temps from 19 f to almost 100f) living in a area prone to rains and wind due to being close to the ocean this has never given me a issue. The wheels will handle rough asphalt and sidewalk with ease and not much debris can slow you down. I love the remote odometer telling me the mileage total of the trip or just how fast I am going. The braking is responsive can stop you from 20 mph very quickly if needed. When your riding it doesn't feel like your going fast a smooth ride that will ride through the weather with you. I have had a hub motor and a belt motor board before but I absolutely love this one. Great for beginners or those returning to it a lot of board for the price.


My son was really happy

Great value

If you want a simple e-board that gets you from A to B reliably, controlled, and with the ability to have fun, this is a good choice. Especially considering how most comparable boards are more expensive and have slightly less capability. Maybe it's something to do with the brand reputation but, in any case, I'm happy with my choice so far.

Great board.

Performs excellent. Put a few good long rides on it and I love it. I can’t speak for longevity yet I hope it’s as good as initial quality.

Poss way t3

Easy to drive. Good speed. Perfect job.

Great board

This is a perfect starter board for me, been having a great time testing it and learning how it works.

My son loves it!!

It was a gift for my son who is in college. This is the only thing he wanted for Christmas. After purchasing from another company and the board not working, I ordered from Possway. It was delivered on time. My son loves it! It worked as soon as he took it out of the box.

Perfect gift

Great quality board at a great price. Perfect gift for my teenage daughter who loves skating. The ride is smooth and the controller is easy to use. I was worried about the quality bring that it us priced so much cheaper than anything else I've found, but it has far exceeded my expectations. Would 100% recommend.

The Board I've been looking for (update):

Just took my board from East Harlem NYC to Bayside Queens (14 miles). The board performed superbly. I traveled to my favorite hobby store and the clerk did not believe the board got me that far with x1 battery, but it did. Switched my battery in store and made it back home safely with a new Gunpla. Great speed
Awesome stability
Unbelievable distance
This board rocks


At this price point you will not find a better board. This is our 2nd Possway board & the quality is unbeatable. 5 stars all round, highly recommend.


board received but currently not possible to drive here in Denmark, only wet roads at the moment, maybe a little worried about how low the board's clearance is.

amazing board!

i aint no fake review, im the real deal homies. i just have to say this board is amazing! great range at about 16miles at 120lb during the winter. top speed of 28mph, like damn its fast! although im a beginner i mostly skate at 10mph, its grip pretty well and easy to carve. and i can strap it to my backpack for easy traveling. absolutely bang for the buck best entry level board!

The Board I've been looking for

Was amazed to see this phenomenal bundle on sale. Scooped mine up without a 2nd thought. Initially I thought I purchased the battery bundle but upon arrival saw only 1 battery supplied. Shot a quick email to verify and my 2nd battery literally arrived yesterday 12.29.22. Amazing board and I was cheeseing the entire time I was swapping batteries. Using this unit to no longer use the MTA in NYC. This board is delivering on all its feats. Planning on buying several more batteries. Thanks Possway you've really provided a comfortable fast and stylish E Board

Good board

This is my first electric skateboard. It took some getting used to the first couple times but it's pretty fun. I'm not sure if it's a normal thing or not but the Allen screws to undo the trucks were covered up by grip tape. I bought some shredlights and didn't find out the screws were covered up until an unconventional way of taking off the nuts from screws (don't ask). I asked about this dilemma before doing anything but received no reply. Other than that I like the board.

Best ride ever!

This thing is everything I could ever want! Rides smooth and so much fun.


I bought this for my son so he can get to work faster and he is so happy with it

Best skateboard

I have no complaints about the T3. I haven’t ridden a skateboard in 45 years so it’s really nice to not have to push it with one of my feet